Cruising Mount Millstream

11 Pax posted for the start of Nanny’s 3 year F3 Anniversary Extravaganza.  Today’s nugget of torture was a #Cruise route that involved running up and down Millstream over and over and over.  It was awesome.  It was horrible.  It was BRR training.

The Thang:

  1. Run to the top of Millstream.
  2. Red Pill: Run it three times (6 uphill segments).
  3. Blue Pill: Run it twice (4 uphill segments).
  4. Run back to HCES.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. There was a small bit of mumblechatter when the route was announced, but no revolt.
  2. I knew it wouldn’t be fun or easy, but it was much harder on the body than I anticipated.  My watch showed 532 feet of climb over 6 miles.  YHC was not sure if he was going to make it back to the start once the hills were over.  Good thing I had some brothers to keep me going (@Chavez, @Meathead, @Kato, @Frodo).
  3. The legs were jelly after this run.  And one of the legs in the BRR is just as long but is three times as much climbing.  Gulp.
  4. Multiple comments on how strong @Chavez was looking out there.  Glad to see the calvie issues seem to be resolved.
  5. Sorry for the late finish today guys.  I showed us being about 5 minutes over.

2 thoughts on “Cruising Mount Millstream

  1. Kato

    Happy 3rd anniversary Nanny. You have impacted a lot of guys over the years through your leadership and encouragement. I’m a better man for knowing you.

    Great training session today. Thanks for hanging back for me. Sorry to run late….I wasn’t paying attention to the time.

    Man….running hills is a lot of work. And, it’s a lot of getting the mind right.

  2. Chavez

    @Nanny, thanks for the vote of confidence and for the aw-esome and -ful workout yesterday. And great work to you and @Frodo, and @Kato. Agreed — legs were jelly. You should be proud of your workout, as the intensity thereof booted pretty much precluded me from doing a #middaydoubledown. At the same time, big-time gut check about the approaching reality of BRR!

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