Speedwork Interval Training

3 strong men arrived at Hickory Ridge Middle School Track for a little Friday Interval speed training to get their day started off right.

Warm up

4 X 400’s – Relaxed pace (1 Mile)

The Thang

5 sets of these 2 run continuously

–       1X 400 run at 5K pace (~2:00 per 400) – 1 lap

–       1X 400 run at relaxed pace – 1 lap

2 minute break

1X200 run at relaxed pace

**Stop at the steps

10X run up and down the steps in a circle

1X200 back to the start line

Cool Down

1X400 at relaxed pace

Mosey back to Parking Lot



1)  Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning.  I hope everyone enjoyed the workout.

2)  Way to push @Bull and @Solo Cup, strong effort this am.

3)  Continue to bring Items needed for local Harrisburg Food pantry through 7/31 and give them to @Solo Cup.

4)  Continued prayers for @SSMinnow, @BanjoBoy

5)  Bull Run at 6am and Rail Yard at 7am tomorrow

6)  The workout this morning was a revised Hal Higdon workout with a twist, gotta love the free training programs.  Thanks Hal….

Have an excellent weekend.

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