Striker’s Birthday Torture Chamber

Striker turns 34 today and his first gift to himself was watching 6 other pax suffer. Here’s the basic rundown…

  • Reverse Indian Run around island, then over to Prison Yard
  • SSH, IST, CPs
  • Merkins and Jump Squats – 34 of each, then 34 seconds of each, then 34 of each
  • Burpees and Mountain Climbers – Same as above except an audible was graciously called after 15 burpees to do the rest “revolver style”.
  • Over to Gun Range for Swingset Merkins and Pullups – 34 of each
  • Sprint up nearby hill (need a name for this) and then back down.
  • Mary – we did a bunch of stuff.

4 thoughts on “Striker’s Birthday Torture Chamber

  1. The Farm

    Happy Birthday! Would’ve loved to have seen the looks on faces when 34 burpees was called.

  2. Trail Mix

    I can’t say for sure… it was pretty dark without the prison yard lights… but, it looked like someone (iron wolf?) intentionally knocked Striker’s phone out of his pocket to break it, after hearing his plan of 34 reps of everything… perhaps hoping he’d forget and change course?

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