Are the announcements over yet?

A total of 21 traditioners wandered into the gloom for either an Iron Fist or a Cruise. Some went with the Farm, some stayed with Mr. Belding and others were confused (like GAM). However, GAM is GAM, so he can do pretty much whatever he wants… In regards to the beatdown, it went a little like this on a hot sticky morning.

Mosey around AO

SSH x 20
Windmill x 15
MC x 15
Merkins x 10
IST x 10
Stretching Variations

Mosey to Outback
Ladders x 2, x 4, x 6, x 8, x 10 and back down
Shoulder Press
Sumo Squat
Bicep Curls
Chest Press

Repeato for time (1 minute AMRAP)

Ladders x 2, x 4, x 6, x 8, x 10 and back down

Mosey to PL for Mary
LBC’s x 15
Timebomb W’s
Pretzel Crunches x 10

The Moist, Hairy Moleskin-
It was another sticky one out in the gloom for the pax. It was also eerily quiet. Despite the Q even making mention of the silence of the pax, there was no response. @Pongo wouldnt talk, @Dutch wouldnt talk. It appears all of the mumblechatter went on the cruise with @forgottenjelly and @dingo.

One of the most impressive moments of the beatdown was when @gam broke his cinderblock. This will only add to the legend of @gam.

A huge t-clap to @twoface for celebrating a birthday today. Is this what you wanted to do for your big day or did your dad @ironwolf tell you to man up and get out of bed? I’m sure he will posting a blog about it later today. 🙂

Despite the minimal mumblechatter from the @pax, there are a few traditioners who are quietly posting regularly and are showing incredible strides in a brief amount of time. I’m talking about you @soundwave, @shawshank, @gazebo, @survivor. Although @gazebo is former marine right? Hw should already be in shape?

And where is @urlacher? Rumor has it he had his septum un-deviated. He shouldn’t have paid for that, we could’ve done one morning after BOM.

Last, but not least, thanks for letting me lead this morning. Aye!

9 thoughts on “Are the announcements over yet?

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    Don’t know what your talking about with respect to announcements. Also, I think that Buckwheat is also really good at the mumblechatter.

  2. GAM

    Look who is able to post now!!!!

    Besides I thought cinder blocks were supposed to be strong building materials not Lego’s.

    1. The Farm

      This is hilarious. Looks like GAM will be a nice addition to the mumblechatter machine.

          1. BlindDate

            @GAM – You moved pretty quickly back to the Iron Fist group once you realized you were marching to the street to the Cruise workout and running 4 miles. Wish we had the look on your face on camera.

  3. Gazebo

    Nice beatdown Mr. Belding, great whole body workout!! Right now I would be labeled a “fatbody” by Marine Corps standards. I’m trying to get back to lean and mean, with your help I think I can do it!!

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