Time for a little change

4 of Harrisburg’s dedicated weren’t phased by the mysterious Q and decided to show up to get a little faster….or at least pound out a few more miles.  Apparently the rest of Harrisburg’s pax had no interest in seeing who the heck Powder Puff was and what kind of Easy Peasy workout he had dreamed up, so I guess they decided to make it even easier and stay home .  You might get a pass if you showed at KB’s, otherwise, I hope you enjoyed your rest. #deceleration

So, without much time to waste, we got to it:

The Q decided to save the track for another day, so we stayed on the roads by the schools.

3/4 mile warm up around the middle school and back to the rock.

An early morning  warmup run and armed with just enough chalk, YHC laid out a 1-3/4 mile course, marked every 1/4 mile.  Starting at the middle school rock, go toward the high school stadium.  At the ticket gate, turn around and go back to the rock and circle the middle school (clockwise), go back out past the rock and almost to the stop sign at Raging Ridge Road.  There is your 1.75 track.

Round 1:

Run the course, stopping every 1/4 mile and perform the following:

  • 10 Merkins
  • 20 LBC’s
  • 10 Air Squats

Recovery mosey:  about 1/4 mile to the buses and back to the starting point

Round 2:

Run the course, stopping every 1/2 mile and perform the following:

  • 15 Merkins
  • 30 LBC’s
  • 15 Air Squats

Recovery mosey:  From 1-1/2 mile point back to the start  (about 1/4 mile)

All in all, we covered about 4.8 miles and did 115 merkins, 230 LBC’s, and 115 Air Squats

  1. T-Claps @BBQ for deciding to Forrest Gump it to the AO.  Strong work with a 4 mile warm up…and great job looking after the 6.
  2. Great to have @Lock-in with us this morning.  We look forward to seeing you out at the other workouts.
  3. It was said that “we could have just done this on the track.”  @BBQ is right, we could have, just not today.
  4. Special prayers go out to SS Minnow and his family as they cope with what is surely an especially trying time.


4 thoughts on “Time for a little change

  1. BBQ

    @Bull – Your 2.0 wants her chalk back. Not cool to steal from innocent children. But an effective workout, thanks for leading.

    Tip of the day: if you’re shirtless doing LBCs on sandy asphalt, towel off BEFORE you head in. #choresbefore8am

    Nice to meet you @Lock-in, looking forward to the next post.

  2. Gamma

    Have to admit, was curious who the Q was. The “easy peasy” comment made me think it was @ScheduleC, but the “Powder Puff” sounded like a @Hootie dig. Never suspected @Bull.

    Strong work, men. Neither workout was easy or peasy this morning, especially with the 80% humidity.

  3. The Magnificent

    @Bull great workout today, and great push by everyone out. Definitely was a challenge with the humidity. It was nice seeing you out there @Lock-in and hope to see you out there more often.

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