“No Running,” “It’ll Be Easy” and Other Lies at The ‘Burg

7 decided getting stronger was better than getting weaker.

After waiting for SidVicious to arrive from his prime parking spot somewhere in South Carolina, off we went.

Warm-up Mosey down the lot and back, circle up
SSH x10
Mericans x10

Grab your favorite KB(s) and circle up
4 KB Burpee Clean/Presses (crowd favorite)
8 KB Crossover Mericans, 4 KB Burpee Clean/Presses
12 KB Squat/Presses, 8 KB Crossover Mericans, 4, KB Burpee Clean/Presses
Mosey down the lot and back
16 KB Side Plank Rows, ….
20 KB Outhouse Curls, ….
24 KB Single Arm High Rows, ….
Mosey down the lot and back
28 KB Triceps Extensions, ….
32 KB Single Arm O/H Presses, ….
(ran out of time, so last two rounds just hit the top set)
36 KB Lawn Mowers
40 KB Chest Presses

Double Tap KB Sit-ups 15x (courtesy of Tradition’s Buckwheat)
Low Flutters w/KB held just off the ground overhead x15

Recover (just once)

COT – prayers out to SSMinnow, BanjoBoy and the Marines in Chattanooga, and all their families

1. Thanks for coming out. Overall you did 32 Burpee/Clean/Presses, 56 Crossover Mericans, 72 Squat/Presses, 80 Side Plank Rows, 80 Outhouse Curls, 72 High Rows, 56 Triceps Extensions, 32 O/H Presses, 36 Lawn Mowers and 40 Chest Presses….for a total of 556 reps.
2. Yes, I lied when I said we wouldn’t run at all, and yes, I lied when I said it would be easy. I may have even lied when I said my hands didn’t hurt from the pavement….but that “Curves opens at 9” joke never gets old, does it?
3. Seriously, @SidVicious, we won’t hit your car if you park closer.
4. Awful lot of traffic in the lot for early morning….gotta show to know.
5. No, @Othello, you’re not going too slow. The rest of us are probably going too fast.
6. Can’t please @Tumbler…one minute he wants a break, then next he’s heckling me for building community relations between sets. Probably deserved it, though. Calling someone that strong “Cupcake” usually isn’t very wise.
7. If @TurfToe keeps posting this often, he’ll blow through the free trial-run in no time.
8. 40 year old War Baby?? Where are all the kids?!?

Pax tibi,

3 thoughts on ““No Running,” “It’ll Be Easy” and Other Lies at The ‘Burg

  1. Gamma Post author

    Strong work this morning.

    @Tumbler, all kidding aside, thanks for keeping me honest with the KB choice. #ISI

  2. Buckwheat

    @Gamma- looks brutal! Thanks for some new ideas and for the shout out. However, while the Derby Double Tap is a staple at my KB beatdowns, it was actually created by @Derby at Highlands.

  3. Sid Vicious

    @Gamma – strong workout, thanks I needed that. I parked far away out of habit and I didn’t want to drive through the procession of KBs like the 3 bikers did.

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