The Crowded Cruise!

7 men strolled into the gloom for the chance to run a quiet 4.0 miles, but didn’t know they would actually run 4.2 miles and be surrounded by women!!

The Thang;

Left out of Church Parking lot and down Prosperity to Trader Joes.

Turn around and run back to Church, go past Church to Villages of LeaCroft entrance

Turn around and back to Church.


The crowded moleskin;

  1. About .25 miles in, @Trailmix says “Its like we are in a 5k race today”
  2. BGR were out in force this morning!  There had to be over 50 women running up and down prosperity!  Interestingly our turn back point was their start point and our start point was their turn back point!
  3. @Man Down took off this morning at a blistering pace!!  I honestly only saw him on the turnarounds!  Well known for his slow starts and then ever increasing speed over a run, this morning was very different!  New techniques seem to be paying off brother!!
  4. @Cinderblock decided he was not going to be shown up and he took off also!  He went so fast that I was looking behind me wondering where he was and Jelly said “No he is up there” But he was no where in sight either!
  5. Great work by Jelly, Guinness, Trail Mix and Coyote!
  6. I believe we have found some runners at Tradition!!

3 thoughts on “The Crowded Cruise!

  1. Man Down

    Thanks for the shout out Dingo. I don’t know about the “well known” part, but I do think the new cadence and running stride is helping me a lot. Without Urlacher, Jumanji, and Belding out there, I actually felt somewhat fast!
    Cinderblock, I enjoyed some of the 2nd F this morning. Way to keep pushing!

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice run by all this morning. Next time I won’t let you stop at 3 miles @trail mix. If you want to run the half marathon, you need to get past that knee pain at 3 miles. Either that or get it checked out again. I enjoyed the 2ndF.

    @Guinness – stay with us if we catch you again in the future.

  3. Cinder Block

    I had about as much fun as I could running with a bunch of dudes at 5:00 in the morning. Thanks for the push Man Down, I couldn’t keep up with your new form this morning, but you made me go a lot faster for a longer period than I had planned! Looking forward to gutting out 7 in Saturday.

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