All Star Tuesday morning @ The Ridge – Burpees suck

22 of the finest to be found in Harrisburg battled the humidity and lost many body fluids in the gloom of HiRHS during our “Mid Summer Classic”. Have to have goals in life, ours today was to get to 100 in burpees each. The “phantom” shovel flag was planted and off we went.

Mosey to nearest corner of lot by cars, circle up
SSH x20
Burpees x5

Mosey to lot by HiRHS entrance, circle up
Windmill x15

Run forward, to right, back, to right, repeato on 1/2 section of parking lot spaces

Circle up, IST x 15
Burpees x7

Mosey to Stadium
Circle up, Burpees x8

Disclaimer: We will help if hurt, we will leave no one behind.

The Thang
Runs up and down the ful set of stadium stairs
Meet @ closest corner of the track, plank till last man arrives.

Disclaimer: We will help if one finds themselves hurt, modify exercises on own as needed, we will leave no one behind.

Break out into 5 groups of 4+ (Can’t divide 22 by 5), complete @ 4 corner’s of track Burpees x10, Air Squats x20, LBC x40 with 1 group member taking a 400 meter lap around track, different member running from each corner.

Run up and down half stadium stairs as a group.

Complete @ 3 corner’s of track, Burpees x10, Turkish Get Ups xAs many as you can complete till teammates lap is complete
Mosey back to lot by vehicle for Mary as team.

Burpees x10

Squirm x20
Crunchy Frog x15 (courtesy of Coppertone)


1. Super effort by everyone this morning. Lot of perspiration, always a good thing!? About 485 reps in total, assuming 20 Turkish Get Ups @ 3 corners is a solid number! Add that to running the bleachers 1/2 times and about 1 mile in running @ a minimum makes for a solid beat-down.

2. Wondered where Old Glory was this morning. Eventually learned from “good brother” Swami that it may have “tumbled” into a spot where it was forgotten this morning.

3. Nice to have HiRHS alums in the group. Magnificent shared with no hesitation how to get into the stadium area without the need to cut the lock on the front entrance fence or having to hop it for that matter. Do I sense there was a time or two when and and his HiRHS mates may have spent some after hours in the stadium and amongst the bleachers, doing whatever high schoolers do after hours in these places.

4. Missed a few weeks because of vacation. Welcome gain to Flip Phone, Nose Dive, and Turf Toe. As you know, by “simply” showing up, you will only get more fit, stronger, and faster. We as a group are having you as a part of us.

5. A lot going on as we approach the peak of summer, as such, always a need for Q’s. If I can lead, anyone of you that haven’t can. Simpy step up.

6. We hit our goal of 100 burpees each!

7. “In baseball and in business, there are three types of people. Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happened.” — Tommy Lasorda, Hall of Fame baseball player and manager

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  1. Casper Post author

    Great effort all! Solid, strong efforts!! Pull for the National League tonight. Not a fan of the DH.

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