SWAT Circuit of Pain

25 Pax from Tradition and Davis Lake (including one FNG) arose from the fartsack and endured a SWAT Circuit of Pain delivered by YHC. Welcomed FNG and gave brief overview of F3 then thorough disclaimer. Lets get to work. Things went a little something like this…

Warm up:
Slow mosey around parking lot. Grab your Bells and create a very large COP.
Windmill X10IC
@Dingo pulled his best @The Farm impression and showed up around this time. Tried to sneak in, but the Pax would have none of that!
Cotton Picker X10IC
Shoulder Stretch
Arm circles (forward and backward)
Low Slow Squat X10

The Thang:

10 KB Exercises (Rd. 1 X10, Rd. 2 X9, Rd. 3 X8, Rd. 4 X7, Rd. 5 X6)
1) Chest Press
2) Goblet Squats
3) Shoulder Press
4) Sumo Squats
5) Curls
6) Dutch Cucumbers (full reps each arm)
7) KB Swings
8) High Pulls
9) KB Merkins (full reps each arm)
10) LBC’s / KB IC

YHC read off the exercises before we started and the Pax started flipping out in mass confusion. Don’t worry, YHC has a Weinke and will put it to good use.

After Rd. 1: 10 curl ups w/ partner, slow mosey around parking lot and back to COP.
After Rd. 2: 10 curl ups w/partner, slow mosey around parking lot and back to COP.
After Rd. 3: 10 curl ups w/ partner, NO mosey this time. @Coyote sensed a pattern and was denied the quick mosey for doing so. He was the only one confused this time around.
After Rd. 4: Nothing, let’s start Rd. 5! Almost a Pax mutiny here as they were preparing for curl ups. Don’t worry, we’ll make these up after the last round….
After Rd. 5: 20 curl ups w/ partner.

NOTE: You’ll thank me for these curl ups on Thurs. when yo do the Army PT test…

Airborne Mindbender 30 seconds
Derby Double Taps (Pax Favorite) X10

1) Great turnout this morning. We’re getting bigger and better every week. This is awesome to see!
2) For such a large group, there was surprisingly little mumble chatter. I’m hoping that was because we were too busy working to chat.?.?.?
3) Welcome FNG Marcus. Glad you came out and hope you enjoyed the beatdown. Keep coming back!
4) @Dutch and @Dingo thought they were cool and rushed ahead during the last round under the guise of finishing strong. Oops, they forgot to do KB Swings #JELLYLUBE. Good catch @Coyote, if you didn’t call them out I was going to.
5) Before the comments turn to @Forgotten Jelly, I have to say he was given a pre-blast of this beatdown last night as he knew he wasn’t able to make it out. He texted me this morning and said he did it and completed ALL the reps. #wishwecouldsaythesamefordingoanddutch…
6) Thanks to whomever picked up @Urlacher’s Q tomorrow and thanks to @Dutch for taking on the Iron Fist Q this Wed as well!
7) Continued thoughts and prayers for the @Stonebridge India Mission Trip Team.
8) Way to push yourselves today everyone. Seeing a lot of progress out there!
9) I’m missing one on the roster. If that’s you, please sound off and I will update the roster.

20 thoughts on “SWAT Circuit of Pain

  1. Forgotten Jelly

    so wait…Dingo was late this morning AND missed an exercise. HOLY CRAP! And I missed it!!! I even did the whole thing, except for the slow mosey, at my house. I made sure I did every rep so that I would start the week on a good note and so some, Dingo especially, would not have ammo against me. Obviously I’m setting myself up here, but it’s so worth it. I can’t believe I missed it. Damn half-marathon training.

    1. Dingo

      Correction! Dutch and I missed nothing! We followed the Q’s instructions and finished strong! All reps completed, PLUS we swung back around for extra credit!

      1. Forgotten Jelly

        You know, it’s pretty tough to get something past @buckwheat and @coyote. They seem to have this ability to do their own workout AND watch others. I’m going to have to believe them on this one.

    2. The Farm

      Jelly, Dingo was a no show last Monday so he has to ease back into things. Being about 5 minutes late makes perfect sense.

  2. Buckwheat Post author

    And for the record @Dingo, @The Farm has been on time for like a month straight. He did fartsack on one Saturday when he Tweeted about a double down though..

  3. Coyote

    Can we just take a minute and relish in the fact that I was anxious to run…talk about behavior change due to F3!

    It may have also been due to the fact that @Urlacher’s shorts were riding up super high so I was distracted by the thunder thighs of….white shadow….

  4. Buckwheat Post author

    You guys must of done that last set of KB swings so fast that nobody saw them then!

  5. Buckwheat Post author

    @Coyote, I was actually going to comment on the fact that you wanted to run in the back blast, but that would’ve been too nice. Impressive brother!

  6. Buckwheat Post author

    Sadly, I neglected to comment on @Urlachers shorts or lack thereof in the backblast. #scarredforlife!

  7. The Farm

    Great workout Buckwheat. I like how, even though it was a circuit, you led and kept us all together. However, you did tell us we would be going from 10 to 6 and then we went to 5 instead. Was this an audible or on your weinke?

  8. Buckwheat Post author

    Thanks for pointing that out @The Farm. Just realized the five rep set wasn’t on my weinke. Looks like an inadvertent audible. Oh well, a few more reps won’t kill us and will only make us stronger!

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      Damn man! I went to 6. Oh well, it was a tough workout, especially on your own.

  9. Buckwheat Post author

    I figured I’d reward the Pax for their hard work by adding a few more reps. Not intentionally though…

    So you did Jelly Lube it after all! At least this time it wasn’t your fault ;-).

  10. MrBelding

    @urlacher- were those your m’s shorts? I thought I was looking at the shadow of you kb during those sumo squats, but it may have been something else… #elephantiasis?

    @buckwheat – solid way to start the week man!

    @pax- an impressive showing this morning for Monday SWAT.

  11. Gangsta's Paradise

    Awesome job @buckwheat! Definitely a good circuit that was strong and I’m feeling it now.

    25 for 2 straight kettle bell workouts is very impressive! Love seeing these numbers!

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