Virgin Speed Q = “Borrowed workout”

14 Highlanders made it out into the muggy gloom for YHC’s Virgin Speed Q.  When I HC’ed for the Q on Wed #liquidcourage, I knew hills would be on the menu #embracethesuck.  Thankfully @Pavarotti pointed me to a previous @Frodo Speed Q and it was done #lemonsqueezy.

Started with a #Disclaimer, continually pointing out how foolish it would be to follow me.  Any takers? Nah, we’re all idiots… let’s roll.

Butt kickers, high knees and karaoke through the RRMS lot and down to the entrance.

Fartleks (30 seconds hard, 60 seconds recovery pace) to intersection of HC Parkway and Christenbury.

Once there, regroup and explain the thang:

“Frodo Bowl”/”Roller Coaster of Suck”

  1. Recovery pace to the bottom of the hill, push yourself up the hill to Clarke Creek.
    • Once the group arrives, CDD x 10 IC and Reverse crunch x10 IC
  2. Reverse course (from whence you came) with the same idea back to Christenbury

REPEATO until 6:05 (another 1.5 rounds)

  • Fartleks back to the school.
  • Stretch OYO for 2 minute cooldown (this is where there were call-outs for pigeons, seagulls, or other flying things)



  1. T-claps to @Frodo for the 2-wheel flyby and the idea for this Q.  YHC didn’t lead from the front #Iam14th but I think everyone got a good push.
  2. Glad to see @Nanny finished his 7-course breakfast and joined us mid-hill… @Stoli joined us post-alarm clock malfunction along the parkway as well.
  3. Lots of huffing and puffing… some solid mumblechatter on the downhills, just heaving breathing and praying for the sweet release of death on the uphills. Also, lots of actual speed this morning, good work to the leaders of the pack… you know who you are.
  4. Anyone else think @Derby is masochistic for donning the WV?  #runningworkout
  5. Tomorrow is F3Dads at the Panthers practice facility 1-3pm. Regularly scheduled morning festivities.  #TheDistance launches Sunday 0530 – mandatory for all BRR fools.

9 thoughts on “Virgin Speed Q = “Borrowed workout”

  1. Shazam Post author

    It was a real “pleasure” this morning gents. I had lots of “fun”. Good work out there today. Glad to see @Pharaoh took his HC seriously on Wednesday and kicked off his training in style. Aye.

  2. Winnebago

    This looks awesome! I will be back to Speed in 3 weeks following the GRC. Heck, I am going to check to se if that date needs a Q to make sure I return.

  3. The Nanny

    @Shazam Thanks for taking the reigns this morning. Some solid hill work. After my alarm issue I am glad I found you guys via driveby vs trying to hunt you by foot. It was a GREAT way to start the morning #DRP.

    @Pax When I was driving down the hill straining to try and find you guys it was awesome to see this significant sized group of guys chugging up the hill getting after it. T-claps to all for defeating the fartsack this morning.

  4. Kato

    Nice workout Shazam! It was great having a group out this morning. It feels like we’re transitioning from exercising to training. We’re exercising with a purpose. I like it.

    This morning was something of a wake up call. For most guys, it was 3.75-4miles with somewhere between 250-300 of elevation. Based on a quick Google search, it appears that the Strava elevation number is total gain (not net). For the BRR, one of my legs is a similar distance run (4.2mile) with 1000ft of gain. Yikes! I have to find a way to reproduce that climb somehow in training. Maybe I’ll figure it out and we’ll all do it together (#GoTeam).

    1. Kato

      Wait a minute….that 1000ft of climb is over the first 2.2 miles. That’s 3.5 times the climbing (unrelenting) in half the distance. It’s totally cool to stop for 10 counts on the BRR….right?

  5. Winnebago

    @Kato I have already turned down a spot for BRR have too much going on right now take time and money.

    If you guys want to have really good running challenge that is good BR LR training you NEED to go to Gnarly Goats NoDa workout on 7/21. 515 at Amelies parking lot. Half mile loop almost all up or down. AMRAP. I got in between 7.5 and 8 miles in for the hour last time and was near merlot at the finish. Like very near.

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