Sumadem 800s

5 men arrived at Hickory Ridge Middle School Track for a little Friday speed work.

The Thang

  • 1 mile warm up
  • 5 x 800’s, 2 min rest between each set
  • 800 m Cool down


  1. Strong work by all today.  I guess I pulled a @Sundial, and let time get away from us.   We typically get six of these in.  Everyone has a little bit of homework to do.
  2. @Bull and @BBQ put in a little extra credit during the rest intervals.
  3. Nice fellowship with @Murtaugh and @SidVicious.  Learned about how to install a toilet and out run the Cops today: I hope neither lessons come in handy anytime soon.
  4. Continued prayers for @SSMinnow, @BanjoBoy, and those that are traveling.

Sunshine daydreams,

Solo Cup


4 thoughts on “Sumadem 800s

  1. Sid Vicious

    Strong Lead @SoloCup and I gave a tour of my new Colorado truck, it wasn’t me that tried to outrun the Cops :). Ha Ha

  2. BBQ

    Man, I should’ve hung back with you guys to learn how to out run the cops. @Bull didn’t teach me anything up front.

  3. Bull2

    @SoloCup- another good lead. Thank you.

    @BBQ- I apologize for my lack of teaching, but I figured @Hootie does a pretty good job of schooling you. I did learn one thing…..the best way to get a ‘Hate’ to stop chasing after you is to quit early. Thanks for the push while I was there.

    @PAX- good push this morning…mornings like these make you appreciate rainy days. You don’t get any more wet, but the rain at least cools you off a little.

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