kettle bell (take THREEEEE on the back blast)

This is getting pathetic… I think I FINALLY have this set up right…


Soooooo….  im not sure how this happened, but the list of the pax somehow got extremely jumbled up with random letters and deletions… i must have been editing it in my pocket or something.  @gentle grizzly thanks for catching that!


Warm up:

Mosey round church -high knees, grape vince, Lunges

Side strattle hop,

Imperial storm trooper (aparently r2d2 should be afraid of these according to @dingo)

10 perfect merkins


Main course:

1. 10 clean and jerks

2. 10 side straddle hop

3. 10 lunges

4. 10 squats

5. 10 curls

6. 10 w’s with bell

Run up and down stairs

Repeato adding 4 every time until we reach 20 or 6am.


Curls until burn out

Chest press burn out

Skull crushers burn out (had some confusion about bent elbows or straight elbows, thank you @buckwheat)

Repeato but only 20 of each exercise



20 Lbc

20 pretzel crunch

Conchito: reverse crunch into the W

Lemon pop (or something like that, i couldnt do it)


7 thoughts on “kettle bell (take THREEEEE on the back blast)

  1. The Farm

    You know you’re going to get roasted by the pax for this right…R2D2 doesn’t know what region he’s in!

          1. Gangsta's Paradise

            I also noticed no Q is listed on this back blast…hope the kids know who their teacher is! Great workout today though @R2D2 – definitely feeling it afterwards!

  2. Osceola

    Don’t feel bad R2, you’re an astromech and not an etiquette robot like your counterpart c3po…and it’s Osceola…named after chief Osceola of the Seminole tribe (and do also FSU mascot)

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