The Q School that wasn’t, a missing Dingo and Fuzzy Math??

18 of Tradition’s finest joined at the AO for a SWAT beatdown led by YHC.  It’s been since April since my last Q, so the mumblechatter was flowing mercilessly today.  Thankfully, YHC had the cure for that today.  Oddly enough, @Dingo put me in for today, and was nowhere to be found to lead an eager @Bloodsport in the Q school.  What gives??


The Thang:

Grab KB, mosey to far side of church lot


20x SSH

15x IST

Arm circles (yes, I know we only did forward.  Call it sleep deprivation from the 2.0)


Exercise Set:

20x KB Swings

20x Bicep Curls

20x Sumo squats

20x KB lunges

20x chest press

20x Pullovers

Repeato x4 (total of 5 times)


After completion, we had @Coyote & @Buckwheat lead some other exercises while others completed. Noticed still no sign of @Dingo??

Mosey to near side of lot for some Mary:

LBC with KB 20x

Mason Twist

Low flutter (YHC thought low flutter for sure, but started doing low dolly – see above for reason)

Low dolly

Pretzel Crunch




The Monday Morning Moleskin:

1) Thanks for bearing with me on my first Q since April.  Definitely felt rusty, but really enjoyed leading today.  Mumblechatter was a good way to break things in until we started going

2) Excellent work by all.  However, @Forgotten Jelly, it has been voted on by members of the Pax that your new name shall be known as @Fuzzy Math.  Something about #jellylube??

3) @Bloodsport – it was no Q school, but hopefully you got some good work in!

4) Welcome to FNG Mike – glad @Man Down convinced you to come out! Heard afterwards there may have been some #merlotspillage? Keep at it!

5) Prayers for the family who lost their 17 year old over the weekend in the boating accident. One of Stonebridge’s members knew this girl.  Also, prayers for the India team from Stonebridge leaving on Thursday.

6) Sound off below!

61 thoughts on “The Q School that wasn’t, a missing Dingo and Fuzzy Math??

  1. Bloodsport

    Definitely distraught… Well not quite about Q excellence but #5 I have found out this was the daughter of a family that attends Hickory Grove North and was my daughters softball coach when she started playing in middle school. Please lift up this family through this tough time

    1. Gangsta's Paradise Post author

      Thanks for the update @Bloodsport. Will definitely continue lifting this family up.

  2. Man Down

    Great physical start to the week…thanks GP! FNG Mike hung tough throughout the workout, but his pre-beatdown fruit smoothie got the best of him in the end and made a rapid exit onto the parking lot asphalt! He says he’ll be back for more…minus the smoothie next time.

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Fuzzy math huh? I think it’s just jealousy from the likes of Buckwheat. I was efficient.

    1. Coyote

      I don’t remember the Q saying “20 reps…or however many make you finish the quickest.”

      New goal: cut however many reps I need to in order to beat Jelly!


      1. Forgotten Jelly

        Just following buckwheat on the figure 8’s. Plus, I had to keep up with man down on the runs. He’s an overachiever.

        1. Coyote

          No problem with the figure 8s because I started doing them too…but I did 20 every time! 20>10! No cutting reps to keep up with people sir!!

          1. Forgotten Jelly

            I admit, I counted incorrectly on the figure 8s. I honestly thought that each time it passed the same leg that counted as 2. Oops on my part.

    2. Coyote

      I don’t remember the Q saying “20 reps…or however many make you finish the quickest.”

      New goal: cut however many reps I need to in order to beat Jelly!


  4. Forgotten Jelly

    You could also argue that maybe I just forgot something. See, the name still fits.

  5. Dingo

    Sorry Bloodsport…….fartsack got me! I woke up at 4:30 and the next thing I knew it was 6:00…….

    1. The Farm

      And you give ME a hard time for being late! The fartsack must’ve been STRONG today brother. Did you follow @Buckwheat’s lead and get a new mattress this weekend?

      1. Gangsta's Paradise Post author

        Third(ed?), especially since I was informed at 7:42pm last night (after a great holiday weekend) that I was the Q by @Coyote! Thanks @Dingo!

  6. The Farm

    Solid beat down GP! It was simple, yet effective. However, I think it’s funny that y’all are arguing about figure 8s when the Q told us to do lunges. I did not hear an audible called.

    Also, shouldn’t we all be focusing on Dingo’s absence during Q school this morning? Maybe he was subtly teaching @Bloodspot his first lesson…don’t fartsack when you’re the Q!

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      Thanks brother. I was wondering how it switched from Dingo to me. I was even there. #confused

        1. The Farm

          I’m sure you did. Did it go like this? “The next exercise is thzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….

    2. Man Down

      Well said, The Farm. There definitely was NOT an audible called. The whole Figure 8 sets were a Jelly Lube to begin with! Definitely not an equivalent sub for Lunges.

  7. Bloodsport

    So it’s like a karate kid kinda thing… Post here post there … Takes the jacket off out it on drop it hang it up… Dingo it’s working great bell workout today thanks man down for the loan

  8. Buckwheat

    Sorry, a little late to the BB party. Actually working today….

    First- Great beatdown GP. Glad to see you back. Enjoyed it! You squelched our mumble chatter pretty quickly with this KB medley.

    @Dingo: I bet that fartsack smelled good this morning. Way to set an example of what not to do for @Bloodsport!

    @The Farm: I fartsack once and took it on the chin that day. I’m a little concerned that you’re still thinking about my new mattress. Just sayin…

    @Forgotten Jelly- The conversation turned to you mid round three when you @Coyote and I were about even and all of a sudden, we still had two sets to go and you took off running. I’m no mathematician, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. However, I am a trained investigator and decided to count a few of your next sets. Let’s just say you didn’t do all the reps. Was just curious how you all of a sudden you were about a full round ahead of us. For the record, #FuzzyMath didn’t come from me, I just seconded the idea ;-).

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      So it seems I screwed up the counting on the figure 8s. Oh well. At least I was there.

  9. Buckwheat

    Well played FJ. @Dingo – @Dutch probably has a link to the #accountability presentation @Stonebridge a few months ago since you seem to need it….

  10. Buckwheat

    More appropriately, I was piling on the fartsacker who decided to chime in on today’s workout when he wasn’t even there. Then again, I’m sure he and @Coyote talked about it during their lonely ride(s) in @Dingo’s rig today.

  11. Buckwheat

    I still care about you both @Dingo & @Forgotten Jelly. Just having a little fun at your expense(s) ;-). I expect the same in return when I deserve it, which I’m sure will be soon!

  12. Buckwheat

    Oh, it will. Probably tomorrow at my Q at Tradition. It’s all good, I have thick skin!

      1. Forgotten Jelly

        Apparently it’s supposed to be the hardest workout in F3. High expectations. I wonder if I can even finish two laps.

  13. Buckwheat

    At least my beatdown will be original and not a copied, simplified version of Old Glory…

    1. Man Down

      Ha ha! I don’t know. Burpees and Bear Crawls don’t equal “simplified” in my book. Plus, the Farmland hill truly sucks!

  14. Buckwheat

    And I started the Figure 8 movement due to a knee injury. That wasn’t a Jelly Lube creation…

  15. Man Down

    52 Comments…Wonder what the record is for a non-convergence, routine backblast…

  16. Buckwheat

    Well, I must confess. My beatdown will be original to F3, but it is a copied USMC routine.

  17. Coyote

    Lol lets not get into knit-picking each workout during the backblast! Everyone is going to get a good workout in tomorrow and everyone got a good one in today…say for Dingo!

  18. Buckwheat

    You’re right @Coyote. Got a little sensitive there. All beatdowns, while not created equal, suck in a good way!

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