Burg Bells Bacon and Sally

7 Strong Harrisburg F3 men got a little stronger this morning at a kettle bell beatdown. The Pax listened to some music… picked up heavy objects… put down heavy objects… held heavy objects in static positions… held heavy objects while moving. It went like this…

Warmup: Light mosey, SSH IC x15, Windmill IC x15, Alt Lunge IC x5, 4 Count Merkin x5, Down Dog stretch

Thang (Sally Moby/Flower challenge followed by 3 exercises in 8, 10, 12 increasing rep sets):

  • Sally Merkin
    • Rack Position Step ups
    • Bench Rows
    • Full Ab Up w/ KB Press to Sky at top
  • Sally Sumo Squat
    • Snatch & Press
    • Reverse Grip Curls
    • Full Ab Up w/ KB Chest Press at bottom
  • Sally Arnold Shoulder Press (alternating arms on ups)
    • Alternating Lunge Step Back w/ KB pass through
    • Overhead Triceps Extension
    • Russian Twist w/ KB Press in middle



  1. Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning. It’s always an honor!
  2. Strong work by everyone out there this morning! This group of men gets after it each and every time and YHC loves to be a part of it. It’s motivation and #IronSharpensIron is in full effect.
  3. @Gamma may have chosen the best (or was it the worst) spot to sweat it out?? Does back sweat cut through bacon grease (remnants of the F3 Dads pancake breakfast)? Only @Gamma knows the answer. Fortunately (or unfortunately for the Sally repeats) no circuits were tripped this morning at the shelter.
  4. Convergence at Davis Lake for July 4th at 7am. There will not be a Rail Yard workout this Saturday in Harrisburg.
  5. Enjoy the holiday weekend and be safe!

Keep pushing – Clueless

2 thoughts on “Burg Bells Bacon and Sally

  1. Gamma

    Tough workout, @Clueless. Sally is a mean one, especially when she grabs the kettlebells.

    There’s a three-week rule on bacon found on the ground, right? Asking for a friend…

  2. Othello

    @Clueless – Love your leads! Perfect routine to capture every muscle group with a little “Sally” to brighten up our mood! Way to make us sweat in the gloom.

    Shout out to all the PAX who “show-up” every Friday – strong group getting stronger.

    Happy 4th to everyone, drive safely.

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