Devil’s Hill Repeats

8 men got a taste of the Blue Ridge with some hill repeats at Road Warrior. Here’s how it went:

  • Exit Town Center onto Parallel Rd.
  • Cross Morehead & turn right onto Williams Rd.
  • Reach the end of Williams Rd & realize YHC is geographically challenged.
  • Take a U turn back down Williams to my original plan & what UCB called Devil’s Hill (at the intersection with Ford Rd).
  • Hill repeats up & down Devil’s Hill (I counted 6 times up the hill for myself, so the Varsity guys probably had 8 or 9).
  • Return to launch point for a total of 4.7 miles according to my watch.
  • COT with Warrior One pax.


  • Great run, everyone, and great to have a good chunk of the Ridge Runners Dirty Dozen out for the hills. 10 days from 2 months til Blue Ridge.
  • Strong work by UCB’s 2.0 (who has a name, I just didn’t catch it; help me out in the comments if you know it).
  • T-claps to Swami for chasing us down and trying to catch up. Workout begins at 5:30 buddy.

6 thoughts on “Devil’s Hill Repeats

  1. Gapper Post author

    And extra T-claps to Sun Dial & Solo Cup for pushing me. Need to get a bunch more miles in to get in Blue Ridge shape, but today was a good start.

    1. The Magnificent

      Great run this morning Gapper! Those hills did a number on me, but excellent training for blue ridge. UCB 2.0/Parker Almond’s nick name is T-Rex btw. Thanks for the great workout!

  2. SoloCup

    Strong work. I am starting my LSD this Sunday 6:00 AM 10 miles. Meet at the Town Center if you are interested.

    1. Billy Goat

      You should probably clarify your meaning of LSD 🙂 Some folks may be reaching out with hotline numbers and intervention groups.

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