This Gives "Curls for the Girls" a Whole New Meaning

15 brave and weary, from a week of destroying workouts, men came out this morning in order to grow their biceps, grow them some more, and then grow them some more. With how the last Q went for YHC and the amount of mumblechatter that occured, it was expected that this morning would be the same….and the PAX did not disappoint. Once the chatter started, so did the beatdown.



Mosey around the parking lot



Cotton Picker*15

Arm Circles

Michael Phelps* 10

The Thang:

KB Swings*20


Upright Rows*20


Underhand Lawn Mower Pulls (NOW KNOWN AS DUTCH CUCUMBERS!!!) *20


Sumo Squats*20


French Press*20


Steering Wheels*20


Chest Press*20


Then take a trip around the hill whilst performing a Statue of Liberty Walk….flapjack halfway around.

Return back to the circle

KB Swings*25


Upright Rows*25


Underhand Lawn Mower Pulls (NOW KNOWN AS DUTCH CUCUMBERS!!!) *25


Sumo Squats*25


French Press*25


Steering Wheels*25


Chest Press*25


Statue of Liberty Walk around the hill again.

Once we returned, it was partner time.

With your partner, perform 100 KB Swings and 100 Curls between the two of you…unless you are a group of 3 then you have 150…sorry to @Dutch, @TheFarm, and @Gazebo!

Finish up, then on your 6 for a little Mary.


KB Toe Touches*15 IC


Airborne Mind-Bender

The Moleskin:

-At some point, the conversation took a turn when @Urlacher posed the question to the group about the timing and expected wait time, after having a baby, for M to…….be in the mood…..

-@Dingo was his normal quiet self….also I think I saw a flying pig soar over our workout

-I hope everyone else can get the picture of @MrBelding’s silhouette out of their minds #itsaboy

-Thanks to all who came out this morning and allowed me to blast their biceps this morning! It wasn’t the most tiring and sweaty workout, but its one that all our M’s will appreciate!

-Prayers go out to @MajorPayne and his family during this tough time after losing his mother.

-Prayers for @ColonelMustard, his M, and new 2.0! Pray for growth and wisdom for the Dr’s!

Sound off below!!!!!!

11 thoughts on “This Gives "Curls for the Girls" a Whole New Meaning

  1. Gazebo

    @Urlacher, 8 weeks is right on schedule. Git-r-done. @Coyote, awesome workout-the misses will be sending you a thank you card!! (Or maybe she’ll just be irritated that I’m flexing my biceps all weekend!!)

  2. The Farm

    Solid beatdown. My upper body got a nice pump after that one. I had to rush home to show it off.

    @Dutch, how is it that right when the pax were starting to let the random “Dutch!” from last Friday go, you gave them more ammo?? I’ll see you tomorrow at the Dutch touch/torch/tough beatdown tomorrow!

  3. Dingo

    Tough beatdown @Coyote! It’s kinda like you are a professional??

    Lots of laughs today! Not sure if everyone heard @Man Downs comments, but that dudes mind goes to places most fear to tread!

    The Dutch Cucumber is a definite keeper!

    Speaking of @Dutch……..oh dear…….

    Urlacher – I believe 24 hours is the recommended post birth re-entry time…..

    Strong work out there today gents!

  4. Man Down

    Great work Coyote! Way to persevere through the mumble chatter (all by Dingo, of course).

  5. Maximus_MECA

    Great beatdown @coyote! Thanks. You’re an animal with these workouts – I guess that is why you’re named Coyote! Great re: the “@Dutch cucumbers” – just when you think all possible kbell exercises have already been used there comes a new one.

  6. Dutch

    My biceps are still quivvvveeeering to the point where I can hardly write a comment.
    Dutch Cucumber – nice name… and it could have a some dual mean…. not going to go there with this group. Good lead @Coyote – if you can even somewhat squelch the mumble of the certain few- you have arrived! @ Urlacher- your a brave man for asking…

    M just walked in admiring my biceps… signing off

    oh yeah… Dutch Torch- tomorrow at DL- we will burn it up.

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