McFarland 2.0 Harrisburg Style

7 strong F3 Harrisburg men got up early for some running.  Their Q was inspired by the new McFarland move.  The workout went a little something like this…

The Thang…

Started running from Harrisburg Town Center

Turn Left on Kee Ln

Turn Left on Center Place Dr

Turn Right on Lentz Way

Turn Left on Carl Parmer Dr

Cross Roberta Rd at the crossing

Turn Left on Rocky River Crossing

Go to the end of Rocky River Crossing and turn around

Turn Right on Creekview Ct

Continue around the culdesac back down Creekview Ct

Turn Right on Rocky River Crossing

Turn Right on Roberta Rd

Cross Roberta Rd at the crossing

Back on Carl Parmer Dr

Turn Right on Lentz Way

Turn Right on Center Place Dr

Turn Right on Kee Ln

Ended up where we started

Total run ~4.5 miles

COT with Warrior One


1.  Thanks for allowing me to lead this morning on my first solo Q.  It was truely an honor.

2.  Soild work @Solo Cup, @UCB, @SS Minnow, @Banjo Boy, @Papa John

3.  Great effort @Swamy, way to push through.

4.  I still can’t believe one of the runners in McFarland was clocked at 12mph running through the picking fields by K.C.’s truck.  They get up at 4:30 to pick, go to school, Cross Country practice – rinse and repeat.  That is dedication.

5.  Props to Banjo Boy’s dog for finishing the run.  My dog a Boston Terrier named Levi was still fartsacked when I left this morning.  He deserves his new nickname, FND now @apartment dog.

4 thoughts on “McFarland 2.0 Harrisburg Style

  1. Clueless

    Great to see you feeling better and back out in gloom @SidVicious! And way to jump out there on the Q schedule.

    1. Sid Vicious Post author

      @SoloCup, @SSMinnow, @Clueless – Thank you for the encouragement and the feedback.

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