This Workout Was Brought to You by Casio™ Sportswatch

This morning, 8 of the Precinct’s best and brightest ventured out into the gloom for a sweat-inducing beatdown that went something like this…

Disclaimer & Mosey to Warm-O-Rama in the Prison Yard

SSH, IST, Slow Squat x15

Mericans, Cotton Pickers x10

The Thang

4 Corners in the Prison Yard: Corner 1 = Mericans, Corner 2 = WWIIs, Corner 3 = Mountain Climbers, Corner 4 = LBCs, all by 20… Chimp Walk between corners

Partner up for 60 seconds of plank see-saw (P1 holds the down Merican position as long as possible, then goes up while P2 goes down…)

60 Seconds of jump squats – AMRAP

60 second plank see-saw

30 seconds of jump squats – AMRAP (try to get half of your number from round 1)

60 Seconds of military situps – AMRAP (flapjack w/ partner)

30 seconds of military situps – AMRAP (flapjack w/ partner)

Mosey back to Check-in for 1 mile relay. 10 laps around check-in is 1 mile, so each partner alternates laps, running 5 laps each. The goal was a 6 minute mile, with a 1 burpee penalty for every second over 6 minutes (audible… up to 20 burpees…)

Mary – People’s Choice

Dying Cockroach (YHC)

Squirm (Bloodsport)

Low Flutter (Urlacher)

Freddie Mercury (Closer)

Pretzel Crunch (Prison Fruit)

Mason Twist (Striker)

The Moleskin

  • Strong work by all out there this morning. This wasn’t easy, but you guys pushed hard and made the effort pay off
  • YHC recently got a new digital watch, complete with an interval timer. Thought I’d put it to good use this morning.
  • I knew the chimp walk was a good choice when Urlacher started calling BS while navigating along the first baseline
  • 60 seconds of jump squats is almost as bad as 30 seconds of split jumps
  • Nice job by our hate hate hate Redline to stick with it this morning.


Happy Hour Wednesday night (tomorrow) at 7pm at Carolina Ale House by Concord Mills. $3 drafts, or $2 virgin rum & cokes (Redline)

I lift my eyes up to the hills – where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord – the maker of heaven and earth (Psalm 121)

4 thoughts on “This Workout Was Brought to You by Casio™ Sportswatch

  1. Bloodsport

    Good beat down today lots of sweat the partner mile relay was good, broke off some rust for me

  2. Chicken Strip

    I haven’t heard of the Chimp Walk, I’ll have to have that one demonstrated sometime, especially if it draws the ire of Urlacher!

    Those plank see saws are new to me too, I’m definitely keeping those in mind for future Qs.

  3. FieldOfDreams

    Great Beatdown @TM
    Chimp walk was a killer on my thighs and the mile relay was just a killer.

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