Partners Sharing Pain

23 Strong F3 Men got a little stronger today at #TheRidge. With humidity and spirits high (and no pancakes in sight) a partner push was the goal…

Warmup: SSH IC x15, IST IC x10, Windmill IC x10, Merkin IC x10

Mosey with stops to Middle School track: Stop 1 = One-Legged Burpees x14 OYO, Stop 2 = Smurf Jacks IC x14, Stop 3 = Incline Plank Jacks IC x20


  • Partner Hand Slap Merkins, followed by 200 meter runs – 4 sets descending from 20/18/16/14
  • Full Football Field work
    • Lunge Walk w/ Partner Chase — Partner 1 starts lunge walk across field, Partner 2 runs to other endzone for a burpee and comes back to relieve Partner 1. Burpees climb in # each time until both partners reach the endzone
    • Wheelbarrow back to other endzone, switching off as needed
    • Lateral Squat Walk w/ Partner Chase — same sprint/burpee work as the lunge sequence
    • Sprint back to other endzone for Power Merkins x10 each partner and 10 Partner Dips

Indian Run back to Mary… heading up and over The Ridge

Mary: 5 count power abs



  1. Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning. It is always an honor!
  2. Awesome push by everyone out there this morning. YHC thought it would be a nice change of pace to get some partner work and some forced 2nd F going this morning. Way to work @AlBundy… thanks for partnering with me. The more we push and support one another, the stronger we are as a whole.
  3. Great to have an F3 brother visit from the south… welcome to Harrisburg @ThumbsUp!
  4. There are open Q opportunities in July. Climb out of your comfort zone and give it try. You’ve got a huge support group to help. Email for info on SignUp Genius and Posting rights on the F3 site.
  5. Watched a recent Lou Holtz Commencement speech given at Franciscan University of Steubenville. Message – 1) Always do the right thing 2) Do your absolute best in all you do 3) show folks you care. 3rd F is key! You can’t take your worldly possessions to heaven, but you sure can take your children“! Link if you’re interested —
  6. Message from all M’s (and your mothers if you don’t have an M) — make sure you bring hydration with you during these summer workouts. We lose a lot of water and need to rehydrate.

5 thoughts on “Partners Sharing Pain

  1. Clueless Post author

    Solid effort out there this morning Pax!

    @Oz – hope the back mends quickly.

  2. BBQ

    @Clueless – thanks for leading. I always like the simplicity and variety with your workouts. Simplicity does not mean easy. I was hoping for some leftovers though. Forgot to grab my griddle from you afterwards. Maybe Thursday.

    @SoulPatch – good partnering with you today man. Nice job pushing through, especially at the end.

    #Kotters to @Sundial and @Tabasco. Good to have you both back out in the gloom (if you can still call it that this time of year). Tclaps @Tabasco for completing the masters. All those long nights are over so you can join us again. Looking forward to it.

    @Sundial – hope you’re not too sore after all the “milking” you’ve been doing. Get with @Hootie, he’s got ointment that will help. He’s been looking for someone to help apply it properly too.

  3. Othello

    Great Q as usual Clueless! I love the simplicity and may pick your brain for Thursday.

    Oz – take care of your back buddy, need you in good shape for future Q’s!

    Great meeting you Thumbs-up, thanks for coming to our AO!

    BTW – I was told in “Q” school that using the “@” symbol before nicknames in these comments mean/do absolutely nothing. Is this correct or am I missing something?

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