Raging Ridge Old Glory

19 men arrived at the Ridge this morning, not really knowing what to expect from YHC’s cryptic preblast on the Twitters…

The Men of Tradition inspired me with their Old Glory post. So not to be outdone, I present our version of this workout. (Un)Fortunately we have to modify ours to accommodate the lack of Pull Up Bars. Burpees it is!

The Thang

One Mile Run (AYG): Start at the Stadium, up Raging Ridge Road to the Stop sign and back to the Shovel Flag.

  • Station 1: 20 Merkins
  • Station 2: 20 Jump Squats
  • Station 3: 20 Burpees
  • Station 4: 20 WWII Sit-ups

As many times as possible before 6 AM

Each loop is approximately .4 miles

One Mile Run (Fun): Start at the Stadium pick up Old GLory, run as a group up Raging Ridge Road to the Stop sign and back to the Shovel Flag.


  • Crunchy Frogs x 20
  • LBC X 15
  • JLo’s X 12
  • Mason Twist x 15

Pax Lap Count


  1. F3 Dads this Saturday at Stallings Road Park 0700
  2. @Murtaugh stated that the Brothers at Stokes Lodge are having a fund raiser this Sat from 11 to 3 – http://www.stokeslodge32.org/
  1. Strong work today men. Each loop is approximately .4 miles, so most got around three miles total in today.
  2. I will make it a point for  the PAX to do this monthly.  I won’t advertise it, nor will I always Q.  See if you can beat your last lap count (Pax Lap Count), or at least get past the next set of Burpees
  3. @RibShack, it has been a honor to Post with you.  Keep pushing the Men of Tradition as much as you have me
  4. @ShortCircuit, I don’t want you to be FAT and Ugly.  You’re Welcome…
  5. @Swami, you are really giving it 100%, it won’t be long until you are back to your old form.

Keep Truckin’

Solo Cup

7 thoughts on “Raging Ridge Old Glory

  1. Dingo

    Good job brother! Old Glory has become a “hated” favorite over at tradition! Great way toniest where you are physically!

  2. Clueless

    That is a solid workout. Thanks for bringing it to #TheRidge @SoloCup. Solid work by the PAX this morning too. Enjoyed it…

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice to see our monthly workout at Tradition is used at other AOs. I look forward to it each month. Nice work.

  4. Swami

    @SoloCup…I appreciate the shot out and am working to get back in F3 shape. Back to my ‘Old Glory’ ….nice lead!

  5. RibShack

    @SoloCup- good WIB! Was dragging for some reason but enjoyed it nonetheless. Thanks for all your support & encouragement this past year. Your friendship from the 1st post was a big reason for all the others I showed up to. Thanks to all!

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