This Broga Thing Is Catching On

3+ Strong F3 Harrisburg men got the sweat rolling this morning with core cardio and some yoga moves mixed in for recovery and repair. First there were 3… then 4… then 5… YHC thinks it was the soothing ocean sounds coming from the WarriorOne crew that called #4 & #5 and not the RoadWarrior beat down @ScheduleC was dishing out.

Quick warm up: SSH IC x15, Windmill IC x10, #Disclaimer

The Thang… Stretches x 60 secs, Core Cardio x 30 secs each move

  • Downward Dog
  • Split lunge agility, low switch kick, double switch kick, high switch kick
  • Standing Forward Fold
  • Static uppercut, jack feet uppercut, hop forward/back, hop side to side, alt speed knee, alt speed knee fast
  • Lunge Hold
  • Twisting X Lunge high, twisting X lunge lower (touch knee), twisting X lunge lower (touch shin), twisting X lunge lower (touch ground)
  • Garland Pose
  • Squat walk, deeper squat walk, deeper squat walk (touch ground), Air plank jumps
  • Warrior One
  • T squat pulse, T lunge pulse R, T lunge pulse L, Rotating T Twist
  • Triangle
  • Burnout – Alt speed knee fast, Twisting X lunge (touch ground), Air plank jump, Rotating T Twist
  • Tree
  • High jump in place, Control jump side to side, Double hop rotation, Single hop rotation (180)
  • Reverse Warrior
  • Hammer kick L, speed kick L, hammer kick R, speed kick R
  • Bridge
  • Shuffle feet, shuffle feet w/ hop up/back, shuffle feet w/ squat, shuffle feet w/ up/down
  • Cobbler
  • Plank tap R/L feet, plank tap R/L hands, plank tap opposite feet/hand, plank lift opposite feet/hand
  • Upward Dog
  • Burnout – Single hop rotation, speed kick L, speed kick R, Shuffle w/ up/down, plank lift opposite feet/hand
  • Pigeon
  • Mountain climbers, running spider lunge, body sprint, body run
  • Eye of Needle

CoT, BOM – @AlBundy took us out.

Nakedman Moleskin:

  1. Thanks for allowing me to lead this morning. It’s always an honor!
  2. Solid work this morning @HoneyDo & @SidVicious! YHC knows it wasn’t the traditional stretch recovery, but a solid core focus nonetheless. It should have also helped to loosen up some tightness and soreness from previous days.
  3. #Cobains to @Swami and @AlBundy if WarriorOne didn’t provide the relief you were seeking from the RoadWarrior work. Strong work by both of you this morning. Way to modify as needed.
  4. @Murtaugh – Stokes Lodge fund raiser this Sat from 11 to 3 –
  5. F3 Dads this Sat – 7am at Stallings Road Park – We are in great shape on the breakfast/pancake front. Thanks for all the help! If you have an electric griddle, please bring it with you.

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  1. Othello

    Sorry I missed it Clueless, sounded/looked like a good one. The soothing sounds of the Whitewater Center yesterday took it’s toll on me and I needed extra Fartsack time. No worries, back out for the beatdown tomorrow.

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