A 75° morning run

10 PAX gathered this morning to run a modified Highland Creek 5k route in 75° humid weather.  Disclaimer announced.  We are running the 5k Highland Creek route with 2 optional loops, giving you the option of running 3, 4, or 4.5 miles.

The thing:

Start running out of the Highland Creek Elementary School through road entrance and take left onto Highland creek Parkway.

Optional to add ~0.5 mile: Take a left on Skyline Drive.  Run the Skyline loop, exit Skyline by taking a left back on to Highland Creek Parkway.

Take a left (near Highland Creek Ridge Rd entrance) on Beauvista Drive.  Run the  Beauvista loop, exit Beauvista by taking a right back on to Highland Creek Parkway.

Take right on to Shelley Avenue.

Take left on to Elementary School bus parking lot and run back to starting point.

Optional to add ~1 mile: Continue on Shelly Avenue. Left on Ridge Road. Left on Street Avenue. Left on Dogwood Rd. Run back to starting point.

Stretch –

  • Cotton Picker – IC x 17 (slow count)
  • Windmill – IC x 17 (slow count)
  • The Pigeon (courtesy of @chowder and @kato)


  • Great job by all! Everyone pushed to their limits.
  • Great time to get a good run in before the heat gets cranked up.  It was warm and humid enough for me…
  • Glad we finished earlier than planned and did some stretching.  @Kato – thanks for guiding us through the technique as we did the Pigeon.


  • Bling is 40!  Happy Birthday
  • Tin Man virgin Q this Friday.  Expect #innovation.
  • F3 Dad’s Workout this Saturday at Harrisburg
  • New AO (Skywalker) being planned to rotate between Skybrook (swim and racquet club) and Winding Walk (clubhouse).  Reconnaissance this Friday.


3 thoughts on “A 75° morning run

  1. Gordo Post author

    Grateful for F3 and for all it stands for.

    @JLo thanks for pacing and pushing me this morning

  2. Kato

    Nice little run this morning and it was great catching up with @Bling.

    @Tin Man (I believe it was Tin Man)’s fall sounded nasty this morning. Glad you weren’t hurt.

    Great post run conversation: @Chowder’s affinity for Christmas decorations, the “sweaty”: a snuggy wrap designed to absorb your post workout funk on the drive home, and how to participate in a meal chain without M issues (just buy/deliver pre-made meal and don’t tell her).

  3. The Nanny

    @Gordo Thanks for signing up to Q and for leading us this morning. You and J-lo were untouchable today. Quite a performance.

    And yes, there was some significant post-COT hanging out/discussion today. Hang around after the workouts if you want to chat it up with some brothers. Some serious topics today as @Kato mentioned. Money laundering techniques, re-cap on Chowder’s Brokeback Cabin trip with Snare last November, and the unveiling of a revolutionary new workout accessory; The Sweaty.

    The Sweaty Basic is a towel with a loop that goes around your headrest to keep it from falling down.

    The Sweaty Super is @Chowder’s model which is two towels stitched together like a poncho.

    The Sweaty Premium uses cutting edge ram-jet technology to get you cooler, faster.

    And how could we forget the Sweaty Ultimate which uses tried and true dryer vent technology to connect up to 6 hoses to your existing A/C vents to cool you faster than a freshly slaughtered bovine in a butcher’s freezer.

    I hear the Sweaty will be sold along with the Sidekick (TM) on late night television for the low introductory price of 18.75 payments of $19.99. HC.

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