It's a Curl Day!

A dirty Dozen (12) of Traditions’s finest showed up for a Friday BOMB.  It was a beautiful morning to to beatdown, though a tad on the humid side.  88% relative humidity per  the Weather Channel. Good to sweat while we beatdown.  YHC has noticed recently when written chalk instructions are given there is more exercise time as less time for directions between sets.  So YHC decided to also write chalk instructions for this beatdown, with a twist.  The twist was to isolate one body part to exhaustion – and that muscle was the BICEP.  So lots of curls today.  My strategy was with the upcoming Winchester Pool party on June 20th I wanted all PAX to have the maximum opportunity to have their families admire their rippling guns!!

So it went something like this;

Mosey around parking lot.

SSH – 15

IST – 15

Cotton pIckers 15

Plank Jacks – 15

Jump squats – 15

Rack bells and go to other end of parking lot.

Instructions – slow Curls.  Do your curls slow, form, don’t rush through them.

Partner up – alternate exercises


Partner 1

15 full curls

Clean and press – 10 each arm

Lawn Mower pulls – 10 each arm

15 ground to press

Partner 2

Lower Body Curls

Rack and walk to hill and do set 2

Set 2

15 full curls

Chest presses – 15

Lat pullovers 15

Goblin squats – 15

Squat presses – 15

Partner 2

Upper Body  Curls

Mary –

LBC’s – 15

Squirm – 15

Pretzel crunch – 15

Box Cutter – 15

Low flutter – 15

Jumps squats – 10

Full curls – 15


Welcome to FNG – Bam Bam – ehed by @Concuitto

Thanks to all for getting through this in the humidity.  YHC was in full sweat by the end.

Thanks @Gazebo for being my partner today and getting through this with me.

Thanks @Gentle Grizzly for tip on my full curls I need to go lower.  Tips on form are always appreciated!

Good form avoids injuries and maximizes workout.

Good amount of respect out there today

Didn’t notice much mumble chatter – chalk instructions reduce that too

Good to see the entertaining @majorpain who has came back from reading emails about eating bannanas to rejoin our illustrious group.  The Major had stated his preference for “curls for the girls!” so knowing he would be in attendance I wanted to give him enough curls to stop reading his emails about eating banannas and return more frequently.

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8 thoughts on “It's a Curl Day!

  1. Dutch

    Maximus delivers the pain today-The pool crowd won’t know what hit them… thinking of getting an F3 tat on my bicep to accentuate the effects of this workout. do they have tats on the mudgear website yet?

  2. Dingo

    Tough workout maximus! Buckwheat and I were struggling through this one! Love that your Boston accent really comes out when you lead, makes it even more interesting!

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Looks like a pretty challenging workout. Sorry I missed this one. Will have to try it on my own.

  4. Maximus_MECA Post author

    @dutch – good idea on the tatoos! @dingo – glad you found the workout challenging and found my native Boston accent “interesting”. Been meaning to ask you @dingo – is there an Australian accent and if so why don’t you have one?

    1. Dingo

      Nope, no such thing as an Australian accent. Just American accents, English accents, Irish accents, etc

  5. Buckwheat

    Great beatdown Friday @Maximus. My guns HATED you yesterday and are still sore today! However, they were indeed looking jacked at the pool :-).

    @Dingo good call on Maximus’ Boston slave driver accent. I never noticed it until his Q Friday. Hilarious!

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