A Truck, Some Tires and an elusive white sign….

13 Men got a nice, well maybe not nice……13 men got to find out how strong they really are this morning!  YHC was having trouble coming up with a workout for today, but inspiration hit yesterday while driving around.  I hope you enjoyed the change of pace!

Mosey to the warm up

  1. 20 s SSH
  2. 20 xIST
  3. 20 x MC
  4. ?? Something else??

The Thang;

Count of into groups of 4 – This proved to be very difficult for the brothers Pfeiffer……

Team 1

  • Tire Flips up and down parking lot
  • Every 5 flips do 5 decline merkins on the tire

Team 2

  • Push YHC’s F250 to top of parking lot
  • Each time you pass an island, switch out the navigator
  • The goal was to get the truck past a certain white sign.  This soon became a challenge that proved too much for all groups.  Great effort though men.  We will get it one day!

Team 3

  • Farmer carry tire around picnic island
  • At each end of island do 20 dips and 20 step ups on tire

Repeat x 3

Carry tires back to shed – Again the brother Pfeiffer(GP) struggled with this command and proceeded to roll his tire…..


Gangsta is forgiven by leading Mary while YHC organized tires

The “Tired” Moleskin

  1. Thank you for letting me lead the group today!  I hope you enjoyed the change of pace and the new truck and tire exercises!
  2. Big thanks to Pongo and Dutch for helping me set up and test this workout last night!
  3. How much does a 2012 F250 6.7l diesel truck weigh?  Just under 10,000lbs!
  4. Im not sure which part of the workout was toughest?  Each exercise brought its own kinda pain.  Though the truck push was a little intimidating.
  5. Icicle is moving this Saturday.  If you can help text him on this number – 704 593 9904
  6. June 20th is the King Tiger 5K!  Sign up Here –  https://www.sportoften.com/register/17752/king-tiger-5k-presented-by-novant-health – If you’d like to help sponsor this event, please give donations to Man Down or Dingo.  It is $200 to be a sponsor and I believe we have raised $120 so far.  Thank you to all who have donated!
  7. June 20th is also the Tradition/Precinct Family cookout at The Winchester Pool.  From 11:00-3:00.  More details to come

10 thoughts on “A Truck, Some Tires and an elusive white sign….

  1. Coyote

    What proved difficult was the cultural translation of what ” counting off to make groups of 4″ means in Australia! Loved the workout!

  2. Dick Tracy

    THAT was a beatdown. It didn’t look too tough to begin with, but man, I am struggling to type. Thanks, Dingo!

  3. Gangsta's Paradise

    Yeah, we definitely weren’t the only ones questioning our grouping. I also never heard the call to carry instead of roll the tire. #blametheQ

    In all seriousness, that was a sweet beatdown. Definitely loved the variety, and our group (@Coyote, @DickTracy, @Maximus) definitely came the closest to the white sign. Great working out with you all this morning!

  4. Maximus_MECA

    This was an amazing workout @dingo. Pushing 10,000 pound trucks in my lifetime – flipping huge tires – I thought I was on tv in a strongman competition or in my dreams. Simply amazing!

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