A Very Loud…Then Very Quiet Virgin Q

Before I post anything about this morning, let me first apologize for my butchering of the lexicon and lack of, or overuse of, #hashtags through this #backblast.

14 of Tradition’s finest #PAX came out this morning to pick up heavy things and put them back down and then #repeato. Before the beatdown began and YHC was warming up the #PAX, the chatter began! With this being the first ever Q for YHC, there may or may not have been some stumbling through the disclaimer and cadences. The #PAX were gracious enough to provide some healthy banter at the expense of YHC. Then, a funny thing happened…the Thang began and the chatter ceased. No more mumbling from certain #PAX members (not calling anyone out…@Dingo, @Buckwheat, @DickTracy, @R2D2), just lots of struggling to finish the Thang!

Speaking of which, here it is:

Disclaimer (or some version of it…)

Mosey to the side entrance parking lot of the church

About 80-100 Yards of a mixture of: Toy Soldiers, Lunges with Twists (all the while more and more chatter is happening), High Knees and Butt Kickers




Michael Phelps IC*8 (Some chatter from @Dingo and @Buckwheat about swimming or something)

Arm Circles Forward and Backward


The repetitions followed a pattern of 20-18-15-18-20 for all six exercises listed below:

KB Upright Row to Sumo Squat

KB Lawn Mower Pulls (Reps were completed by both arms both arms…Ex: 20 on R then 20 on L not 10 on R and 10 on L)

KB Swings

KB Curls

KB Pass Through Lunges

KB French Press (Some chatter ensued on why these are called French Presses and then at one point I believe @DickTracy made a Bidet (beh-day, or fancy “water-up-your-rear-end” toilet, for those who don’t Hablo Francais) comment)

After completing one round, quick Statue of Liberty Walk to the hill with KB in R hand then switch to L hand on the way back. Then move to next sets of 18-15-18-20 Reps.

At 605AM, put the KB down and mosey around church to then arrive back at the KB for some Mary.


Right Pretzel Crunches IC*15

Left Pretzel Crunches IC*15

Toe Touches with KB straight up in air IC*15 (Maybe it was 10?)

Homer to Marge IC*10


1. This was definitely a tough beatdown, but to see so many #PAX come out and bust their a** trying to finish the allotted reps in the amount of time we had was awesome. There were over 600 reps in the THANG and that’s never an easy task.

2. One would think that the ONE GUY who wouldn’t show up late to YHC’s first beatdown would be his brother!!! Yet sure enough @Gangsta’sParadise rolled in, in a manner that resembled something we would see from @TheFarm, 5 minutes late! He didn’t miss the fun stuff though!

3. Special shoutout to @Guinness who was the only other one besides YHC (I may be wrong and if so I apologize but speak up!) who completed all the reps before time was up! This won’t be the last time we do this beatdown and next time all #PAX will be finishing before it was time for Mary!

4. All kidding aside, I was honored to be able to come out and lead such a strong and encouraging group of men today and I look forward to doing so again soon!

11 thoughts on “A Very Loud…Then Very Quiet Virgin Q

  1. Dick Tracy

    Great VQ, @Coyote, and solid backblast.

    I got that thang done today. First time ever all the way through the reps. Going up in weight next time.

    All in all, a great way to start the day.

  2. Gangsta's Paradise

    Felt there was a void with @The Farm not being here, so needed to show up late. Awesome VQ bro! Glad you found the cure for excessive mumblechatter…more reps! Fantastic start to the day.

  3. Trail Mix

    Indeed, looks like a great VQ and even better backblast. TClaps @Coyote!
    Man, @TheFarm doesn’t even post and STILL gets ragged for being late… #nolove

  4. Dingo

    Tough beatdown @Coyote! I thought it was gonna be a mumblechatter-fest! But you shut us up good!

  5. Dutch

    good beatdown for the VQ – must have learned from others how to close down the mumble…

    also was blessed to become a grandpa – this morning at 450 am – little grandbaby girl Evelyn.

    1. Coyote Post author

      Congrats Dutch!!! And after we all prayed for her and Alex today! God is good!

  6. Buckwheat

    Great VQ @Coyote! I was cranky this morning after being woken up three times during the night. This rep fest shut me up midway through round one, nice work!

    @DickTracy- the Bidet naming was priceless.

    Way to power through all reps @Dick Tracy, @Coyote, and @Guiness. My mind and body wouldn’t allow it today, but I’m definitely glad I showed for this one!

    Congrats on the grand baby @Dutch.

  7. The Farm

    Really Coyote?! I get called out for being late when I wasn’t even there??? #icantwin

    Nice work and VQ brother. I would’ve made sure to be on time for this one. 🙂

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