Aren't audibles supposed to make it easier?

9 faithful Iron fisters decided to make themselves better this morning- with a refreshing mist to cool us off. YHC was ready for some stretching then over to the cinderblocks and jugs for a little upper body downpainment.  with a little audible half way through- just to keep both sides even.

Warmorama- SSH, IST, WM, PP’s – all IC x 12. then some Jump squats for June to get the month started off right.

Round the circle for some good stretching excercises from the pax.

The thang – Cinderblocks and jugs.

Partner up in groups of 3: for 100 reps as a team of each

P1- military press while p2 farmer carries jugs – arms extended side to side to P3 who is doing 100 chest press flutter kicks – all except Mountaineer- who apparently is averse to getting wet on his six?

P2 switches w/ P3 – to pick up where he left off – w/ the goal of 100 combined.

Next round-

P1 does low slow squats – while P2 carried jugs – arms extended outward to P2 who is  working on 100 cinderblock burpees.

Deep squats were going to finish sooner than the CB burpees- so YHC calls and audible to INCREASE to 200 deep squats- whereby the always astute and sharp, albeit generally late arriving, @ Thefarm  questions the audible decision- to go UP vs. down in reps.

All good – we finish up and off we go for some MARY

Dutch leads 4-5 and then turns it over to our PAX for some favorites.



Naked moleskin:

good work men and always enjoy the Iron Fist Q.

Welcome to Mike- FNG – new name Gazebo- From Kankakee, IL. – the name has a special place on a certain list. # showtoknow. Thanks #Pharoahfor the name choices!

7 thoughts on “Aren't audibles supposed to make it easier?

  1. The Farm

    Yeah when I reached Sensei and he said “105”, I thought he was earning a little extra credit because I didn’t hear the audible. The whole time I was thinking, “Dutch is gonna call an audible and REDUCE the cinder block burpees.” I should’ve known better!

    Great seeing you guys this morning. Enjoyed the beatdown!

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