Don't be fooled by the pink chalk…

13 entered the sweat box that is Tradition to throw around some iron balls (and whatever Urlacher had), and it went something like this:

Short mosey around the lot
SSH x15
Mericans x10
Air Squats x10
ISS x10

The Thang
Perform sets of 6 KB exercises, then sprint ~30 yards for a set of Mericans, then sprint back; both sets in decreasing reps, from 20 to 2 (by 2’s). For example:

Set 1
20 KB Alternating Clean/Press
20 KB Skull Crushers
20 KB Sumo Squats
20 KB Triceps Extensions
20 KB High Rows
20 KB Outhouse Curls
Sprint to the far island
20 Mericans
Sprint back to the kettlebells

For Set 2, 18 reps of all 7 exercises, decreasing down to 2 reps for Set 10.

Those that finished early started Mary, but since YHC wasn’t one of them, comment below with what was done.

COT (thanks to Iron Wolf for taking us out)

1. Dingo, thanks for the Q invite in your stead while the back heals. Although, I may have told the pax that you pulled a pride muscle because they told you your Thursday Q was lame. Maximus confirmed it when he said “Well, he should lead better workouts.” Hey, I’m just the messenger, but for a #doublerespect who hung in there with the #hatehates, he can say whatever he wants!

2. Still waiting for the Swiss judge’s scoring on finish order, but huge tclaps to King Louie, R2D2 and Coyote for the early finish and starting Mary. Several others joined them soon after while a few of us finished out the main event. Strong work by all.

3. Awfully quiet out there without Dingo. Could barely hear myself think over Urlacher’s grunting. The force is strong in that youngin’

4. Good sign of the solid growth is when you visit another AO periodically and see some originals like Mr. Belding, but also some you’ve never met before. Survivor, Conchito, PreSchool – great to meet you guys. Way to tough it out at the end. Speaking of PreSchool, anyone else notice him doubling up on the High Rows, opting for single arm Rows? #strong

5. Also great to see Black Sheep, Sir Mix-a-Lot and Octane again – twice in just a couple weeks after not crossing paths in over a year! Oh wait, Octane wasn’t there this morning. Or on Memorial Day.

6. Coyote – strong work with the 40#. I think you’ve found the right weight for you.

7. I may have been oxygen deprived, but was Iron Wolf tanning at the end? I believe someone pointed out it’s tough to get a tan by moonlight.

8. R2D2 – I swear, at 0430 in a dimly lit garage, that chalk looked red! Regardless, that workout sucks in any color. Hope you all enjoyed it. Thanks for allowing me to lead such a fine group of men.

Pax tibi,

10 thoughts on “Don't be fooled by the pink chalk…

  1. Gamma Post author

    Men of Tradition – thanks again for the opportunity to lead. Always an honor.

  2. Buckwheat

    Sounds brutal. Wish I could’ve made it out this morning. Will definitely be at your next traveling Q!

  3. Gangsta's Paradise

    This looks absolutely brutal but awesome as well! Wish I could have gotten up when my alarm told me to, but definitely want to make the next one! Hope the back heals up soon @Dingo!

  4. Coyote

    Thanks for coming out Gamma and letting me borrow your 40! Great workout that has me feeling Calvin Klein model-esque today!

  5. MrBelding

    @gamma- great beatdown today! It was simple, but it kicked our tails and made us sweat. Thanks again for coming to guest q.

  6. Urlacher

    Great workout Gamma.
    That thang I was throwing around was 35lbs of love.
    We have a grunty relationship.

  7. Dingo

    Thanks for taking my Q gamma! I definitely could not have led this morning. Hoping my back will heal up for the bear!

  8. Maximus_MECA

    Thanks a for a tough beatdown @gamma. No rest with the routine you wrote out – even if it was in pink – it was a very tough Monday beatdown! Glad I could do most of it.

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