We don’t need no stinkin Coca- Cola 600, we have “The Ridge 600”

25 of the Harrisburg’s best (with 2 FNG’s) fought off the humidity and set themself up for 45 minutes of early morning work that does a body good. Hanging onto the past race week theme, we set off on a goal of getting in 600 reps. If guys can make a living off driving fast for 600 miles and get paid for it, we can at least match them rep wise with the 600 part, and get stronger and faster at the same time.

Mosey to entrance of HiRHS stadium
Butt kickers
Side to side right
Side to side left

Circle up
Disclaimer: We will help if hurt, we will leave no one behind.
SSH x30
Windmill x20
Mountain Climbers x25
Burpees x10

The Thang
Full runs up and down on the stadium stairs
Meet @ closest corner of the track, plank till last man arrives.
Break out into 5 groups of 5, complete @ 5 corner’s of track (corner where we started is where we ended) Burpees x10, Air Squats x20, LBC x50 with 1 group member taking a 400 meter lap around track, different member running from each corner.
Run up and down half stadium stairs as a group.
Complete @ 3 corner’s of track, Burpees x10, Air Squat’s x10, LBC x50
Mosey back to lot by vehicle for Mary, with about 1/2 PAX completing approx. a quarter stadium stairs run.

Low Flutter x20 (courtesy of Bull)
Crunchy Frog x20 (courtesy of Clueless)
Squirm x20 (courtesy of Posh)


1. Really, really great effort by all today. 755 reps in total is a solid number! Shattered the goal of 600!!

2. Appreciate Tumbler alerting me that we do have access to the stadium, even with 2 of the gates locked. I’m assuming he has broken into the stadium after hours before?

3. Appreciate Bull leading us through a full set of bleachers stairs work….and then getting us started with Mary.

4. Nice to see some faces that have been missing a little as of late. Any word on Chaos, Oz, Hootie, and Jolt, to name a few?

5. Welcome to FNG’s Carpet Bagger (Mike Meadows) and Parquet(Barrett Giles). Flooring theme here. Keep showing up, you will only get more fit, stronger, and faster. F3 is better having you both as a part of us.

6. Lot of “stuff” going on for us in the upcoming days and months. Keep active and if have not led and you can attend one of the upcoming Q school sessions, please do so. It is obvious, if I can lead, anyone of you that haven’t led can EASILY lead!

7. “Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get.” -Ray Kroc

4 thoughts on “We don’t need no stinkin Coca- Cola 600, we have “The Ridge 600”

  1. Casper Post author

    Once again, awesome work by all today. A pleasure to be a part of this great group of men!

  2. Clueless

    Good one Casper. The five x five Pax splits were a good way to keep us all together and pushing and helping each other.

    Welcome out @CarpetBagger and @Parquet. Looking forward to seeing you back out in the gloom. Way to keep pushing yourself @CarpetBagger!

  3. Posh :p

    Great work out this AM Casper.
    Should be calling it “THE RIDGE 755”
    Welcome aboard FNGs.

  4. Othello

    Great lead @Casper and tremendous work by all to push through the humidity this morning.

    Welcome out again @CarpetBagger and @Parquet. Glad to have as part of “The Ridge”. Tremendous effort today @Parquet in our group. As many have told me before, “it doesn’t get any easier but you WILL get stronger. See you in the gloom!

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