Thick Burger

6 of Harrisburg’s handsomest men (sorry, Dixie) came out for a sweaty, humid run through the ‘Burg.

The thang:
Head down Main Street
Left on Roberta
Right on University City/49
Left on Alexander St (head toward Harrisburg Park)

Circuits at park loop:
Bottom of loop: 10 air squats, run
Middle of loop: 10 merkins, run
Top of loop: 10 jump squats
Repeato x5

Head back down Alexander St
Right on University City/49
Left on Roberta
Right on Main Street, back to home base.

All in all, we logged between 4.25-4.5 on top of the exercises at the loop.
Strong work men!

1. Welcome to the FNGs at Warrior One – great recruiting going on! Awesome F3 name in “Thick Burger” – hence the name of this BB (also for the (un)pleasant smell of Hardee’s as we ran by!)
2. Strong work by everyone – it was humid and the circuits were tiring, but glad we could push one another!
3. The things you learn on the run are always fun – such as ET and the Cayman Islands, Ss Minnow working for IBM for 32 years and World Peace having 6 kids.

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    Any day now! June 9 is the official date but thinking/hoping she’s closer.

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