The three wise men – FNGs Tommy, Bobby and Johnny

With last night’s thunderstorm, the humidity that comes each year with the summer swelter is finally upon us. Not too warm yet, but muggy. In Highlands, that doesn’t prevent the PAX from posting as we were 18 strong in the gloom. But apparently it prevents us from having any Q signed up. Well, @Murdoch planted the flags and men need to run, so run we did.

The Thang
With these kind of numbers, we need something for everybody, so we ran the Tommy, Bobby, Johnny loop. Out the rabbit hole, left on HCP to right on Ridge and left into apartment complex. At first traffic circle, you’ve got options:
1) Short: turn around and head back OR right on Craven Thomas Rd (Tommy) to the last traffic circle then turn around and head back
2) Medium: Right on Tommy to last traffic circle, then left across 485 to next traffic circle and turn left on Robert Helms Rd. (Bobby) to last traffic circle then left to complete the loop and head back
3) Long: Right on Tommy all the way to last traffic circle, left to cross 485 and take it all the way down past Circle K to a left on Johnston Oehler Rd (Johnny); through the townhouses and left at traffic circle then head back.

COT and BOM (thanks for the strong shout out @Nanny)

– MeCa HDHH tonight at 1900 (7pm) at Carolina Ale House
– The Bear – June 6 at 0600
– Kato’s two year anniversary beatdown at Rolling Stone – tomorrow at 0530

The Naked Wisemen Moleskine
– Great job to all. Lots of varying paces, but most importantly strong posting numbers. 18 is solid. Keep coming back as running will make all your other workouts easier. Hopefully this route had something for everyone.
– No one is more excited about 485 opening than @Chavez. It will cut 5 minutes off his commute, so maybe he’ll finally stick around for COT
– Next potential BRR teammate: @Sully – he’s training as if he’s a go…
– Sorry about the route @Murdock; YHC promises to have better groupings going forward, so keep coming back; Loved seeing those #ShovelFlags planted. Thanks for taking that duty brother!
– ICYMI: @Huggie’s run a marathon that took him through two different countries.
– Good to see @Meathead putting together a string of four consecutive posts! Aye!

3 thoughts on “The three wise men – FNGs Tommy, Bobby and Johnny

  1. Chavez

    @Chowder, your workout innovative quality is unequaled. Tommy/Bobby/Johnny = brilliant name and a great way to frame a workout. @Nanny and @Google, way to push today and good catching up. @Google, welcome to the #BradfordClub.

    Yes, 485 loop finishing may allow me to stick around for a little COT and BOM. Good news for me, but bad news for the rest of the PAX is that this will require the rest of you to smell me in BOM.

  2. The Nanny

    @Chowder Ditto above – love the newly named TBJ route. One positive about naming a route is that we can easily do it again – whether for time to gauge improvements or just to make it easy to run routes.

    @Chavez @Google You guys were booking today. I had not planned on going that quick today, but glad we did. Felt good to blow some carbon out of some post Murph/post Chowder Hill sore legs. If we keep up that kind of pace, we will be able to do tempo runs on wed, speed on fri, and long and slow on sun. The three key running workouts that you need each week.

    @Murdoch Congrats on finishing your first Cruise. Running is a beautifully simple activity. Do it more and do it consistently and you WILL get better/faster. Do it less and you won’t. PLUS it rewards hard work in that you can’t cheat it – got to put in the work. Stay with it. There is a runner in there begging to bust out.

  3. Google

    @Chowder..Loved the route today. It was the perfect course for all levels. The pax was able to decide how far or fast they wanted to push.

    @chavez @ Nanny.. great work today. You guys pushed me to the limits today.

    @Murdoch. Awesome job. The fact that you posted on cruise shows enough about your character and your internal drive. #Qmaterial. Next time show up in actual running shoes.

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