Poisonous Butterfly

26 of the Carolina’s finest posted at Harrisburg Park, not knowing they’d soon suffer a hill, a bigger hill, sandbags and awkward conversations. But they posted nonetheless. Fortunately, 25 of them are not currently tailgating at the Speedway wearing an Uncle Sam faux-tuxedo t-shirt, shorts and cowboy boots. To protect the innocent, we’ll call him JUno….

Anyway, here’s what happened:

60 seconds after the one minute warning, SSH x20
Grab the Flag, and Mosey up to the library island and circle up
Mountain Climbers x20
ISS x15
Slow Air Squats x15
Slower Mericans x10
Windmill x10
Incredibly difficult process to form teams of 3, then head to the soccer field and grab a sandbag….1 per team.

The Thang
Plant the Flag, and line up on the 18 yard line for an explanation of the 3-Man Grinder: 1 man does an exercise with the sandbag, 1 man does another exercises at the top of the hill, and 1 runs in between and switch off continuously until the stated sandbag reps are completed.

200 Sandbag Overhead Presses/Air Squats (P1 starts Presses, P2 starts Air Squats at the top of the hill, P3 runs from P1 to P2 and takes over Air Squats, P2 then runs down to P1 and takes over Presses, P1 runs up to P2, etc….until 200 cumulative Overhead Presses are completed); plank until all teams are done.
200 Sandbag Curls/Mericans
200 Sandbag Goblet Squats/Dips
200 300 Sandbag Chest Presses/SSH (audible as 200 just seemed too easy)
25 30 50 Sandbag Burpees/Low Flutters

Return sandbags, and Mosey around the track and down to the pond, plank until the Six arrives
Jack Webbs to 7

AYG up Heartrate Hill and back out to the cars

Crunchy Frog x20 (courtesy of Solo Cup)
LBC x20

COT – special prayers for all those who have given their lives serving our country, as well as for all who have served or continue to serve. They don’t ask for respect, but have damn-well earned it.

Dragonfly Moleskin
1. Tclaps to our FNGs, Daniel and Kevin. Welcome to F3 and hope to see you back out there soon. We’ll get you a fitting nickname your next time out.

2. Great to see Mayhem and Uno during their annual road trip. Awesome guys who represented F3 Lake Murray (SC) well. Enjoy the fried oreos!

3. Welcome out to Frodo as well, although I was unknowingly lured in as an accomplice to his trash talking. Well played, Frodo. Well played.

4. Tclaps to Clueless and PapaJohn for hitting the Bull Run before heading out, as well as all the Bull Runners who doubled down (sound off below if that was you). On the other end of the spectrum, #TheFullStarsky was in effect.

5. The audible to 300 Chest Presses was mine, but you can thank FNG Daniel for the 50 Sandbag Burpees. LOVE the fact that he’s pushing the pax on his first post!

6. “You guys are working hard!” said the guy sitting on a bench. In the shade. With a clipboard.

7. I think we established that Hootie (along with Gapper, Billy Goat and Exit 54) is a Hard Commit for the Special Olympics Unified Relay. On a related note, Gapper, that was just wrong. #showtoknow

8. Waaaay too much talk about dragonfly tramp stamps (aka, poisonous butterfly). And it only devolved from there. Again, #showtoknow

Pax tibi,

5 thoughts on “Poisonous Butterfly

  1. Gapper

    Solo Cup can always do more Crunchy Frogs than the rest of the pax. All those reps at home in front of the mirror are clearly paying off.

  2. Hootie

    Not so sure about the whole #HairyBackMafia but for the record @Gapper’s “last time I checked” never occurred nor will it. Enough said.

    Speaking of weird dudes and weirder situations…good to see @Solo could un-spoon for a spell and come see us. Not sure @Banjo ever knew he left. Luckily @Oz was there to comfort him.

    Solid 10 for an impressive #BullRun early. Good pack pulling together for 6.3. May have even had a breakthrough performance. #WhiteLiger

    Thanks to @Riptide for clearly calling out and defining #PerceivedCommitment. @JackieChiles would be proud.

    @Frodo…you’re a sneaky little devil. I like it. Not sure @Padre does though.

  3. SoloCup

    The #HairyBackMafia ain’t nuthin to mess with Hootie. Speaking of Oz, i call him as my van driver for BRR.

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