Torches, beer, bad directions… oh and some running

7 PAX got up early (including a couple on their day off) to push their limits and set new standards. @Nautilus once again saved the gas and put in some extra miles pre and post-workout. @ET joined  the pain fun with his first (?) #Acceleration post and @Gapper made a return after a few weeks off (#Kotters).

The morning started off ok with talks about the Special Olympics torch running through Harrisburg/NoDo on June 4th (see preblast) but quickly went down hill and shifted to NoDo beer, beer runs, and “only running I do down there is to the bathroom.” And thus it started, before we even hit the track.

1600m (4 laps) easy mosey… unless you’re @Nautilus and @Bull  #autopilot

3 x 1200m (3 laps) / 400m (1 lap)
Recover and regroup after each
After completing the first 1200/400m, PAX had their pick: A-Team or B-Team?

  • A-Team: first to start and keep B-Team away or off their heels
  • B-Team: can you catch A-Team?

Ultimately, it’s still you-against-you. However this allows the PAX to stay closer together and increases the odds of more passing. #thinknascar #racingcountry #brutonwouldbehappy

400m mosey



  • Totally wouldn’t do this mess without you guys. Tclaps for showing up and pushing yourselves. It was an honor to lead again this week. #notmenextweek
  • Awesome to see @ET join us this AM. Great work out there.
  • @PapaJohn, week after week of #Acceleration appears to be paying off. Nice work.
  • @Bull and @Riptide think their famous because they and @Segundo got their picture taken. They’re taking autographs. Heard you don’t need a FastPass.
  • Monday’s Murph will converge with F3 Tradition. However, don’t ask @Bull directions, wasn’t pretty this AM. Meet at StoneBridge Church off Prosperity Church Rd. Try this instead.
  • Update on the F3 Mint Hill parade tomorrow, see the preblast.
  • Lastly, HC for The BEAR. Otherwise @Hootie‘s coming for you.

17 thoughts on “Torches, beer, bad directions… oh and some running

  1. Bull2

    @BBQ – Thanks for the lead. That was a good workout. I never said I was good with directions, but my best advise is to find someone who knows where they are going and follow them…better yet, hitch a ride.

    @PAX – Good work this morning…way to keep pushing.

    @Riptide – It is about time you got out of bed on Friday…now sign up to Q.

    I wish @Hootie could have made it….might of seen round 46 of @BBQ v. @Hootie. There is always tomorrow.

    1. Hootie

      No 46. Just not fun after the first 45. Sort of like taking lunch money from the little kids on the bus when you were older. Eventually loses its luster when they aren’t able to put up a fight. Besides…The Hootinanny has turned over a new leaf. Ask @Riptide. May change my tune to Whole Lotta Love to express my new found feelings for folks. It’s all rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns from here on out. May even get a @SoloCup inspired #trampstamp to make it legit. {Group Hug…}

      1. Bull2

        Oh, I am catching on. I understand if you have built the fire too big and hope you can find a way to put it out. Just keep pounding and your fire will burn just as big…#Proverbs2717

        You can dream about unicorns, daisies, and the bedazzled matching tattoos that @Solocup and @Banjo Boy might have #mustbeHootiesdream. One day that kid has the cajones to step to the back of the bus and get his money back with interest. You better find a way to stoke your fire.#Round46

  2. Hootie

    @Bull – there is no fire too big for this pyro. However, it was brought to my attention that there were some tender hearted teenie boppers within the Pax that were not approving of YHC’s motivational tactics. For them, I have nothing but proverbial rainbows, butterflies, unicorns, and an unimaginable unending love. I hope they find solace in these creatures of beauty and my new found feelings for them and their true inner self (queue John Tesh).

    As far as a certain special unnamed someone goes, I hope his cajones do develop one day and he comes roaring by like the pasty white liger we know he is inside. We will all be better off as a result and better men for it. But until that day, I’ll continue to work my mojo and mold the young Padawon as only I know how. #BringOn46

    When did @Banjo start rocking a matching #SoloSpecial? And how did you see it?

    1. Gamma

      @Hootie – I give you about 50 yards before the rainbows, butterflies and unicorns all turn get wiped out with one “try to keep up” comment. But you get an ‘A’ for the effort to change!

    2. Bull2

      I personally have not been witness to the tattoo(s), but certain scar-flaunting activities with @Starsky lead me to believe you would be a more likely witness. #letmeshowyoumyscar

      1. BanjoBoy

        There was a long walk in the woods one saturday a few months ago with a certain @hooter and @starsky… I saw arms swinging in tandem but cannot confirm if the hands were locked.

        There is a special bond that two men share when one has one half of a broken heart tattooed on the small of his back and his BFF has the other. His ying to my yang, Tom to my Jerry… a true bromance. Y’all are just peanut butter and jealous… My mom said so!

        1. Hootie

          @Banjo – leave sweet @Starsky alone and keep him out of this. He’s still dinged up and in need of TLC. And don’t worry about what was locked and what was swinging. That’s between us. You and @Solo can keep to yourself over there on #BrokebackMtn.

  3. Hootie

    It was all fun and games until @Starsky broke out the camera. Who said creepy people hang out in the woods at the park? #ScarEnvy

  4. Riptide

    Great lead BBQ, glad I finally made it. Now I get to pull the taper card for the next 3 Fridays!

    Great entertainment from the rest of you – my daughter just got home from school and asked me why I was laughing so hard… productivity done for the day!

  5. Gapper

    Wow. Hootie, Banjo, Solo, Gamma…we’ve got a comment party going on here. Shame you missed the real party this morning at the track.

  6. BBQ Post author

    @Hootie #Round46Knockout That’s all I’m gonna say. I’m leaving the chatter for the ladies. Only ladies talk that much. Guess we now know.

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