Ring around the rosy

14 this morning at the Precinct to ring around the rosy. Perfect weather for the second running of the circle from hell “sucnado”. 40 minutes of non stop hard work, no warm up, no mary, when the clock strikes we went. It went something like this.

Pretty simple, start below workout at 5:30 and don’t stop until the alarm goes off at 6:10.

(all exercises are single count)

 15 Muscle ups @ GWW

 Run around pool parking lot (approx 0.15 miles)

 20 Squats

 Run around lot

 20 WWII sit-ups

 Run around lot

 15 burpees

 Run around lot

 20 hand release Merkins

 Run around lot

 Repeat

Hard work from everyone this morning. BTW….. anyone heard from MAN DOWN? Hope he comes back soon!

5 thoughts on “Ring around the rosy

  1. Prison Fruit

    Always like the change you bring Striker, but don’t always enjoy the participation! but truth is you make me stronger brother! I’m BEAT DOWN!

  2. Trail Mix

    That was brutal indeed. Same slow grind as Old Glory, with (dare I say) tougher pain stations. Good stuff.

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