Nice Rack

14 PAX joined YHC this morning for a trip around HRMS with a short stop at the track and some play on the newly found rack.  Went something like this:


Mosey to Boulder yard for Warm up

SSH x 20

Squats x 10

Merkins x 10

Mosey to far end of track

Divide into 2 groups for following exercise and repeato ….

Group 1  – 50 yard slash:

Broad Jump Burpees –  5

Inch worm merkins –  5

Bunny hops – 5

Bear crawl to end

Repeato to starting point and swap groups


Group 2 – The Rack

Utilizing the rack with no purpose do the following:

Dips – 5

Inverted horizontal rows – 5 (need help with a cool name for those)

Repeato until relieved by group run


Mosey to back of school

Peoples chair

Carolina dry docks – 10

Peoples chair

Air press – 20

Tempo Merkins – 10


Mosey to CNMA (Chuck Norris Memorial Alcove)

Plank jacks – 10

Plank left arm up/regular/right arm up

Mosey to half wall

5 muscle ups OYO

Mosey to school entrance for rapid fire Mary


Low dolly – 15

Box cutters – 15

Low flutter – 15

Homer to Marge – 5

Rosalita – 15

LBCs – 20

Mason Twists – Thx Marie Calendar

Partner Navy sit ups – Thx Buckwheat



– Thanks to all the PAX for following my lead.  Always awesome to be surrounded by F3 brothers!!

– Appreciate everyone hanging in there (!!!) for the test run on the rack (Now we know what it’s purpose is – Thx Chachi!).  Great place for dips and inverted rows and…….

– Remember all the workouts this weekend and the Memorial day workouts at the Mothership and Tradition.

– Also remember to take advantage of the freedom that was earned for us – have a great Memorial Day weekend!


2 thoughts on “Nice Rack

  1. Kato

    Nice workout @Sugar….except for that little burpee broadjump/inchworm/broadjump/bear crawl deal 🙂

    Nice to see numbers holding strong…even with a lot of guys missing this morning: LawDawg, Quiddich, Stretchy, Whatley, Waterboy to name a few. Not to mention Uggs….where you been dude?

    Looking forward to seeing everyone on Memorial day at the Murph. I will most likely be at the 6AM one. Come on out. No excuses to miss will be accepted.

  2. Marie Calendar

    Good lead, Sugar. Long time since I did full-on dips, feeling it today. As for the mason twists, you ARE NOT welcome.

    A great Memorial Day weekend to all and God bless the United States of America and all those who have served her!

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