A Taste of Things To Come

23 of Harrisburg’s finest gave up an extra dream or two this morning only to be met with a taste of the humidity awaiting us Southerners in the coming months….they also worked hard at The Ridge, which combined with the humidity left 23 sweat marks on the pavement at COT. Here is how the workout went:

Mosey to warm-o-rama with high knees and butt kickers


Side straddle hop x 20

Windmill x 15

Imperial Storm trooper x 15

Air Squats x 15

Spiderman crawl with reach (screach) …10 OYO after YHC misfired on cadence

Merkins x 10

The Thang:

Mosey loop around parking lot back to warm-o-rama location

6 rounds of 2 minutes on and 1 minute rest while repeating the following exercises:….total 18 minutes

1) 5 x Toyota

2) 5 x merkin

3) 5 x air squat

4) 5 x burpee

Mosey to the base of The Ridge

Around the world plank – 3 x in each direction

1:5 Ladder at The Ridge

– bottom – 5:1 decline merkins

– run to top

-top 1:5 jump squats

– run to bottom

Mosey to Mary


Hip Thrusters x 15

LBC x 25

Low Dolly x 15

Low Flutter x 15

The Squirm x 15

@Casper took us out with Monkey Humpers x 15 – thanks @Casper!

Naked Moleskin:

Excellent work men! Always an honor to lead this dedicated group

Thanks for muddling through the screach (spiderman crawl with reach) with me during warm-o-rama … I hope to be able to do it in cadence next time!

Welcome UCB 2.1 AirSoft!…Energizer Bunny would have also been an appropriate name…

Mark you calendars for June 6 and The Bear …. MECA is leading this tem-mile massive moving workout which will culminate with who knows what kind of surprises at the top of El Dorado on the UNC Charlotte campus … don’t miss it….HC here: http://f3nation.com/2015/04/10/the-bear-2015/


4 thoughts on “A Taste of Things To Come

  1. Casper

    Very challenging and great variety @ssminnow! This will definitely help as we prepare for the bear.

  2. Clueless

    Thanks for the strong lead @SSMinnow! Enjoyed the mix!

    Welcome out to @AirSoft. He and @TRex reminded me of the pilot fish that follow sharks. Fun stuff!

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