Dangle Your Bells

18 of Tradition/Highland’s most diesel men reported for duty and got introduced, slowly, to YHC’s 10X 10-6 KB Ladder Beatdown. It went a little something like this…

Warm up:
Slow mosey around parking lot. Grab your Bells and create a very large COP.
Windmill X15IC
Cotton Picker X15IC
Low Slow Squat X10
Shoulder Stretch – Dingo sounds off about how tough of a workout it is so far. Thanks, Dingo, warm up’s over!

The Thang:

10 KB Exercises (Rd. 1 X10, Rd. 2 X9, Rd. 3 X8, Rd. 4 X7, Rd. 5 X6)
1) Chest Press
2) Goblet Squats
3) Shoulder Press
4) Sumo Squats – Demo given, YHC says “Dangle Your Bell” and it’s all downhill from here….
5) Curls
6) Lawnmower Pulls (each arm)
7) KB Swings
8) High Pulls
9) KB Merkins
10) LBC’s IC

After Rd. 1: 10 curl ups OYO (Q Fail), slow mosey around parking lot and back to COP.
After Rd. 2: 10 curl ups w/partner (much better!), slow mosey around parking lot and back to COP.
After Rd. 3: 10 curl ups w/ partner
After Rd. 4: Nothing, let’s start Rd. 5!
After Rd. 5: 20 curl ups w/ partner, slow mosey around parking lot and back to COP

Derby Double Taps (Pax Favorite) X15
Box Cutter/Homer to Marge Rosalita Low Flutter Medley (Raptor)
The W X15IC (R2D2)

1) Great turnout this morning. 18 for SWAT is the biggest group I’ve seen out there in a long time. Awesome!
2) It’s good to see new pax posting regularly (King Louie, Dick Tracy, Fluffy Pounds). Keep coming back, you will continue to make progress!3) Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning. Enjoyed it as always, except for when I was trying to catch my breath of course ;-)…
5) Not much mumble chatter out there today, even from Dingo (after warm ups, of course). I’m hoping that’s because everyone was putting in work! Saw a lot of sweat, so that’s a good sign. I know I was feeling it.
6) If you are not receiving F3Tradition e-mails, please e-mail Dingo at f3tradition@gmail.com so he can add you to the distribution list.
7) Don’t forget to Dangle Your Bells today, just don’t let them touch the ground!

6 thoughts on “Dangle Your Bells

  1. Dingo

    Good stuff Buckwheat! I was actually worried after the warmup because I was already sweating bullets at that point! I’ve never noticed that my knees produce so much sweat??

    There was definitely some heavy breathing and grunting going on out there!

  2. Maximus_MECA

    Great beatdown Buckwheat! Monday morning beatdown is key to start the work week right. Woke me up. You’ve been Qing the kbells for a while and certainly make the most of the 45 minutes of beatdown time – must be your reputation is growing as the pax grows in numbers for kbells to 18!

  3. Buckwheat Post author

    Thanks, guys. I’ve missed all KB workouts the past two weeks. It felt good to be back out there! It’s great to see such a large group out there. Made it fun, for sure!

    @Dutch, I won’t touch that comment ;-).

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