Air Force PFT

24 Harrisburg men showed for the christening of the Rail Yard by completing the AF PFT.  7 did a 4 – 6 mile head start with the Bull Run.

* = 10 count in cadence (unless other quantity noted)


  1. 1 mile stroll around the fields, down to Jack Web pond, up to the new assisted living community and back to the football field parking lot for the disclaimer
  2. Side straddle hop*
  3. Merkin*
  4. Mountain climbers*
  5. WWII situps – 10 oyo
  6. Imperial storm troopers*
  7. Windmill*


  1. 1.5 mile run (3 figure 8 laps on the Rail Yard track) for time, min = 13.5 minutes, max score (60 pts) at < 9:45 for hates, 10:10 for rest
  2. 1 min merkins, min = 27 for hates, 21 for rest, max score (10 pts) at 55 for hates, 43 for rest
  3. 1 min situps w/ partner holding your feet, min = 41 for hates, 34 for rest, max score (10 pts) at 54 for hates, 49 for rest
  4. YHC recommends doing run test last next time for improved logistics


  1. sand bag curls*
  2. sand bag shoulder press*
  3. sand bag skull crushers*
  4. sand bag upright rows* – for those Friday fartsackers like YHC
  5. repeat 1-4 at 8 count

Mosey back to pavilion parking lot, via 10 pullups at the playground, for Mary.


  1. pretzel crunch – both sides*
  2. low dolly*
  3. low flutter*
  4. crunchy frog x 20*

COT by Banjo Boy


  1. Great work today by all.  3.0 miles total.  It was an honor to lead such a great group!
  2. We should be repeating this workout occasionally as it is a great benchmark to measure you’re improvement.
  3. Great to see Rooster, ET, UCB and Buggy returning to the gloom!
  4. Jackie Chiles – great job making out to the Bull Run to join the 1 hour just isn’t enough club!
  5. Thanks to the Bull runners for helping with the PFT run timing/recording prep.
  6. PFT info – the Army and Marines PFTs do 2 minutes for the merkins/situps with a 2.0 and 3.0 mi run respectively.  The Marines PFT trades pullups to failure for the merkins.
  7. PFT scores: > 90 (Excellent): Bull, Escalade (100), Segundo, YHC (99), Nautilus (96), Hootie (94), Short Circuit (91).  75-89 (Satisfactory), scores available at request.
  8. Upcoming events: Bear (6/6), Mint Hill expansion/parade – see Deuce, Harrisburg barbecue 6/13, Spartan – see Chaos and Gapper, Q school (sign up to lead even if you can’t attend Q school – its your duty – the workouts aren’t totally free – grab a good Q and they will be happy to mentor &/or split duties with you).

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  1. Othello

    Sounded like a great beatdown @Riptide, sorry I wasn’t there but cant wait for the repeat. Awesome work gentlemen!

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