Getting shorter and shorter

4 PAX including 1 FNG met at the track for speed. No @Bull or @Nautilus out doing any pre-work so the PAX got started at 0530 sharp.

Mosey around school (~1 mi)

1600m (4 laps) at 5k pace
400m repeats (1 lap) w/100m recovery between (1/4 lap) – and yes 100m felt shorter and shorter each time around.

  • Example: Starting at turn 1, run 400m and return to turn 1, continue jogging to turn 2, at turn 2 start the next 400m run and return to turn 2, jog to turn 3, and keep going.
    Repeato until time is called (PAX completed 4-6 repeats)

1+ mi around school



  • Welcome out to newly named @Strapless (FNG Jonathan Halter). Watch-out, he’s got some wheels on him. He made today’s repeats look quite effortless.
  • Tclaps to @Banjo Boy for completing 6x400m/100m repeats. @PapaJohn was right behind him.
  • Another lesson learned today, it looked better on paper. #manmaker
  • Noticed yesterday no one had signed-up to Q today so YHC stepped up (please, no applause, thank you) but @Banjo Boy said someone else was thinking of signing up. However that person didn’t even post today? #whatsupwiththat?

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