Five Mile Tour

Six men and also man’s best friend took a 5 mile tour of Harrisburg starting at Town Hall this morning. This is how it went:

Main St to Roberta Rd

Right on Roberta Rd

Left on Rocky River Crossing  Rd

Left on Morehead Rd

Right on Valhalla Rd

Right on Williams Rd

Left on Valhalla Rd

Cross Morehead Rd where Valhalla turns into Plaza Dr

Left on School Ave

Right on Parallel Dr.

Left on Roberta Rd

Right on Main St, back to Town Hall – 5 miles

Naked Moleskin

Thanks for the opportunity to lead, men…..nice start to the day, and excellent push by everyone!

This workout gives a bit of time for chit chat, which helps the miles pass.

Congrats to @The Magnificent on graduating from UNCC on Saturday … welcome to the real world!

Good luck with the move, @SoloCup….hope it happens soon

There was a @Starsky sighting after COT … hope the knee heals quickly

@F3MeCa is hosting The Bear this year on June 6. It is going to be a memorable workout/event. HC here:




2 thoughts on “Five Mile Tour

  1. BBQ

    Glad I was able to make it out with the Road Warriors today. Thanks for being our tour guide @SS Minnow. Good route, especially the Rocky River portion at the start to get the legs warmed up.

    Tclaps @The Magnificent

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