Possibly the Most Challenging AO in Charlotte

F3, along with members of FiA, just finished a 2nd successful year supporting Bull Dogs Matters, an after school program for kids from Grier Heights at AG Middle School.   Those that volunteer to support this program undertand the title of this BB.  Many of the kids lack discipline and focus while it can be hard to forge a relatinship with others.   However, this is exactly why F3 and FiA are needed to support Bull Dogs Matters.  These kids really need us to show them a different way and that is exaclty what we accomplished this year.

Through the dedication and hard work of several PAX, we made big improvements in getting the kids to learn team work and try new things.  Examples included Tryon creating Giant Jenga and the golf ball gutter challenge, Rev Florida with his lunch trays and Leroy leading the kids thru the Marshmellow challenge.  It takes special people to dedicate time each week to show up for a program where you may not feel appreciated.  However, I have been blessed to be surrounded by very special people who place themselves third.  Several regulars who deserve recognition are Tryon, Senior Chips,  Chicken Coop, Rev Florida, Leroy, Barnabus, Barracuda, Field of Dreams and FOD’s son Will (special T-clap).

I encourage all men of F3 to find an AO as challenging as the Bull Dogs Matters program.   Our communiites need F3 involvement in programs like this.  Please contact me at pchepul@gmail.com if you want to learn more about Bull Dogs Matters or want to get invovled next year.

1 thought on “Possibly the Most Challenging AO in Charlotte

  1. Reverend Flo-rida

    thanks for your leadership here. It felt good in my heart to help out here. hopefully a healthy shoulder will help me to do more next year.

    fyi…I didn’t realize the end had come– thought it was next week. But, Senor Chips let me ramble on about volunteering at Split Ends in the COT before telling me we had wrapped up. You see, he really was is the devil.

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