Best laid plans….

21 met at #TheRidge, and set off in the opposite direction of the phantom security guard.

Mosey to the corner
Mountain Climbers x20
Mosey to the next intersection
Air Squats x20
Mosey to the next intersection
Hand Release Mericans x20
Mosey to the loading docks
LBCs x20

Mosey around the corner of the school, grab some wall for People’s Chair
One at a time, run across the courtyard, touch the other wall, then back. Continue until all have completed, with Air Presses x50 thrown in to kill time.

Mosey down the gravel path, check the hill, decide against Bear Crawls through the 3′ weeds (#snakes) and continue on to the break area.
3 sets of…
10 Step-ups (each leg)
10 Incline Mericans
10 Dips

Mosey across practice field, circle back for the #Six, then continue down the path to the rock pile. There will be no trading rocks, so grab one that challenges you and head out to the field.

Curl/OverheadPess/TricepsExtentions combo (continuous movement)
1 of each, then 2 of each…up to 7 of each

Partner up
P1 does Cross-over Mericans on the rock
P2 runs to the single sled and back. No, the other single sled.
Switch, and repeat x2 for 3 total rounds.
Return the rocks

Mosey back up to the path and out to the parking lot, circle up for Air Squats x20

Continue back to the cars for Mary (sound off if I missed anything)
LBC x10
Low Flutter x25
Crunchy Frog x15 (Solo Cup)
The W x15 (BBQ)
J-Lo x15 (Schedule C)
Mason Twist x15 (Clueless)
The Squirm x15 (Jackie Chiles)
Freddy Mercury x15 (Escalade)


1. My original plan was scrapped by what I believed to be some type of security vehicle hanging out by the baseball fields during my early recon mission. Or maybe it was a car full of students getting there early to study for finals. In the dark. Far from the school. Either way, the car was gone by the time we went back to the rock pile.

2. Almost had a Tumbler vs. The Brick Wall moment during the People’s Chair relay. My money was on Tumbler: Force = Mass * Acceleration. Done.

3. Great to see Soul Patch back out (sans soul patch), as well as Lunchbox back for his second workout of his grand return. Keep at it!

4. Welcome to Finnegan, who left Tradition and moved to the good life #SouthOf29

5. Rooster, if you’re reading this, you’re running the risk of Schedule C taking your “Suns out, guns out” spot.

6. BBQ almost learned the risk of coming in late, which is that Casper is probably as well, and he’s coming in hot, and trying to take the inside lane.

7. Tclaps to Wild Cat for biking it to the workout. Stay tuned for details of a new cycling workout starting soon.

8. Finally, thanks for playing along during the Ball ‘o Man. To me, it just seems more fitting. Hand on a brother’s shoulder. Locked Shields. If you’re not familiar with that reference, this post from Dredd is well worth the read.

Pax Tibi

10 thoughts on “Best laid plans….

  1. Casper

    Strong workout @Gamma. Always a pleasure. If BBQ would have gone wide on the last turn, I would have got him on the inside. Must be race weeks time.

  2. Othello

    Very nice Q @Gamma,you interlaced some good cardio with upper/lower body pain – nice! My knees say “thank you” for the perfectly tempo’d air squats. #stillrecoveringfromcapri. Aye!

  3. LunchBox

    Thanks for the support. I will need three days of sleeping after this workout. I will see you Friday. Aye!!

  4. RibShack

    Thanks @Gamma, all good stuff. Welcome @Finnegan, it’s good to have you. Good to see @SoulPatch & @Lunchbox back out!

  5. BBQ

    Good lead today @Gamma, especially on the fly. Hope the back recovers quickly.

    Tclaps to @Soul Patch and @Lunchbox. Good to have you guys back out.

    Welcome @Finnegan, sorry I didn’t speak this AM.

  6. escalade

    Nice improv today Gamma! Hope the shoulder/back recover quick. Lunchbox and soul patch, great seeing you back in the gloom. Keep an eye on Twitter feed for Steel Wheel info. Email if not on Twitter.

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