Just some boys and their bells

10 Harrisburg Faithful F3 men arrived at Stallings Road Park to enjoy an awesome NC spring morning with their brothers and to throw around some kb’s. Nonstop strength and core movements ensued (some were known and some were new). It went like this…

Warmup: Short Mosey to end of lot and back, #Disclaimer, SSH IC x15, IST IC x10, Windmill IC x10, Merkin IC x10, Downward Dog stretch


  • Bent Leg Incline Press – Single Arm x10 each side
  • Overhead Triceps Ext x15
  • Bentover Row x15
  • V Hold w/ kb x30 sec
  • Merkin Alt crossover w/ plank walk x10 each side
  • Hammer curl x15
  • One arm squat & press x10 each side
  • Mason Twist IC x10
  • Bridge position chest press – Single Arm x10 each side
  • Tri-Side Raise w/ hand on bell x10 each side
  • Upright row x15
  • Russian Twist (mason twist w/ press up in middle)  IC x10
  • Chest Press x15
  • Side Lunge w/ arm curl x10 each side
  • Lawn mowers x10 each side
  • Full ab up & press to sky IC x10

PAX completed 2 full rounds. Round 1 was followed by 10 Burpees OYO, Round 2 was followed by 8 – 8 count body builders & 10 Mtn Climbers IC

Mary: OYO LBC w/ kb press x20, Spare tire shredders (heel taps in and out) x15, 5 count power abs



  1. Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning PAX. It is always an honor to lead and  workout with a great group of guys.
  2. Strong work by the PAX! YHC wanted to keep the downtime to a minimum with continuous movement while putting a minor focus on core strengthening. Way to push yourselves with a you vs you mentality.
  3. Great to see @Lunchbox back out. Also great to see some familiar, but KB Friday unfamiliar, faces… @Othello, @UCB, @Deuce, @SoloCup… the track over at Acceleration must have been going through a resurfacing.
  4. The Bear is 6/6. HC if you haven’t already.
  5. Q school is coming soon. If you haven’t Q’d a certain workout, get out of your comfort zone and take the leap… you’ll be glad you did.

Keep pushing – Clueless

6 thoughts on “Just some boys and their bells

  1. Gamma

    Nice one, @Clueless. The new exercises were challenging, so I’m sure we’ll be revisiting those often.

    @Lunchbox – Strong work on your first day back. Just keep getting after it!

    @Othello and @UCB – welcome to kettlebells. We knew you both were strong at every other workout, and kettlebells were no different. Hope to see you both back out there on Fridays. (as long as @UCB watches what he eats the night before…)

  2. SoloCup

    I remember why I stopped coming to Kettle Bells (and why I should start back up)

    Nice lead

  3. RibShack

    Thanks @Clueless for bringing the new moves to the table. Will be stealing them soon I’m sure. We should just put you in the F3 R&D dept for all PAX, would do us all some good.

  4. Othello

    Great Q @Clueless! I will try to be more of a regular as KB’s add a wonderful mix to our workouts. Maybe, if I stick with it, I can work up to a KB larger than @Riblet’s. You guys see that boy, he is strong! Aye!

  5. Casper

    Nice beat down @Clueless. It does not get easier……but we do get stronger. @Othello, we will feel this one tomorrow.

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