Medians, Merkins, Derkins, Curlins, Burpins…I’m Hurtin’

6 Awesome Men, Including One(1) FNG came out for a little something different we haven’t seen yet In YHC’s days with F3! Here’s how she goes…

Warm Up:

  • Mosey up the street towards AO Tradition, but not that far. Stop in 2nd Right of Way for…Circle Up…
  • SSH x 20
  • Cotton Pickers x 15
  • Windmill x 13( me thinks)
  • Arm Circles OYO big and small and big and small

Thang 1: Median Merkins and Curl Ups;  13-1 ladder down/up by 2’s

  • Incline Merkins off Curbside 13,11,9,7,…, bear crawl up over the hill to other side for…
  • Decline Merkins face down on Curbside 1,3,5,7…
  • Partner UP for…
  • Incline Curl Ups and Decline Curl Ups off curbside x 15

Thang 2:    Mosey to Prison Yard, Partner grabs Cinder Block. Line Up on End Line

  • Partner 1: Burpee Broad Jump to 1/2 line, Lunge Walk to End Line, Sprint around Yard,/In Yard back to Start Spot, relieve P2 and switcharooski
  • Partner 2: CB Squats x 10, CB Curls x 10, CB Triceps x 10 plank until(not many planked) P1 returns, then off for Burpee Broads, and Lung Walk, Sprint…

Thang 3:  Mosey to GWW(Great Wall of Wellington) for 100 Partner-Muscle Ups Mixed OYO


  • Mason Twist x 15
  • Pretzel Crunch x 15
  • Low Dolley x 20
  • Homer 2 Marge x 10??
  • The Great Airborne Mindbender, 1 min with words of Encouragement(7 Fruits of the Spirit)

The Amatuer’s Moleskin: 

  • Men; I felt honored to have the privilege of leading you Leaders this morning! You are F3 and We make this happen together!  Thank you for trusting in me, and following along on the joyride!




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