As simple as it gets

I needed a workout that was easy to remember, so I landed on this:

1 mile warm up, followed by (3) 1 mile repeats with .25 mile recovery in between.  Short and sweet, but pretty tedious on the track

….so YHC had ambitions of doing the warm up and 1 mile on the track and then hit the road to fly by the boys at kettle bells, do some name calling and antagonizing, and then haul arse back to the track for COT.

An early morning recon run made me think better of it. The traffic coming in to the middle school was especially heavy with some sort of field trip heading out this morning, so some adjustments needed to be made.  The Pax didn’t need to share Hickory Ridge Road with a bunch of sleep deprived middle school parents trying to see their kids off on a Friday field trip.  @BBQ doesn’t do well with traffic so YHC decided to keep the run on campus.

@The Magnificent described some route that he claimed was a mile repeat back in high school, but it seemed more like 2-3 miles to YHC. The miles must have been longer back then, or else his coach was pulling the wool over his eyes.

So after a warm up mile and 1 mile on the track our other repeats looked something like this:

From track parking lot, run down to the stadium parking lot, run around the perimeter of that parking lot, and head back out Raging Ridge Road until we hit 1 mile.  Hit recovery jog until the last man finishes.

2-3 minute recovery

From the road to the middle school, run down to the high school sign and turn right, run around the high school on the gravel road and come out by the stadium, run back up Raging Ridge Road until we hit 1 mile.

Recovery pace back to the middle school parking lot….keep going to track to gather up any gear that was left at the start, and circle up back at the parking lot.


1. @ Pax – great work and good job this morning sticking together.  I enjoyed getting out off of the track.  I had enough of the track after the 8 laps that we put in at the start.

2. Good to see @The Magnificent back out today…looking strong as ever.

3.  @Papa John – good to have you back in town today.  You have gotten noticeably stronger in the short time you have been coming out.

3 thoughts on “As simple as it gets

  1. Bull2 Post author

    Thank you guys for the opportunity to lead. Speed work is tough, but much better when you have some one else to share the pain with. Thank you guys for being there.

  2. Gamma

    Simple does not always equal easy, especially with @Bull in charge. Would have been great to see the Acceleration crew fly by…we could have used the distraction from the pain @Clueless was dishing out.

  3. Nautilus

    Thanks for the lead @Bull. Nice seeing the sun come up with the low fog on the fields.

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