Preblast — The GOAT

Goat 2k15 has arrived.  This will be #CSAUP in its purest form, the likes of which haven’t been seen in Metro for 3 years.  #Top10Qs are leading the way, so if you want the best workout, we’ll see you at The GOAT.

These are a few of the highly anticipated details:

Where:  Start and end at the top of the Muthaship parking deck (350 East 6th Street).

When:  Saturday, May 9, 2015.  Meet at 5:45am; launch at 6:00am; complete by 9:30am.

Who:  All Pax are encouraged to attend.  The best of the best will be leading.  #Top10Qs to be announced throughout the workout.

What:  The GOAT by design has been flying under the radar, that is because it speaks for itself. For those inquiring minds out there, think of this as a 9 mile course weaving through a #ParadeOfHorribles. Estimates have us hitting 7 of Metro’s finest AO’s with cumulative mileage upwards of 13 miles.  Check the @F3Metro twitter handle for the course and other updates that may be revealed as the week progresses.

There are 2 scheduled break stations and a third on top of the muthaship to end the event.  All PAX are encouraged to join and there are practical opportunities to LIFO if you are not able to stay the entire time. Although, you must know respect is earned and reserved for those who complete the AYG Muthaship Mile at the end of the course.

There also is a separate, but equally brutal, course for Core, which will meet up with the main Pax at various AOs, including the breaks.  Do Re Mi and GAAP are leading that charge.

Be a part of something great on Saturday.  If the previous GOAT is any indication, we will talk about this day for the next 3 years.  Aye.

1 thought on “Preblast — The GOAT

  1. Uncle Rico

    Looking forward to this one. Second workout was 1st Goat (7/14/2012). This one will be a classic at post #504.

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