Counterclockwise through The Burgh

5 of Harrisburg’s best (plus a furry 6th) met by the shovel flag and got down to some old school, nothing but running “Road Warrior” work. The watches were set to zero, MapMyRun+ was set, and off we went.

20 SSH, 15 IST, 15 Windmills

The Thang
Mosey from Mary to end of Main St., left onto 48, left onto unnamed road in front of Ruckus House, right onto Financial Way, straight into Carl Parmer, cross Roberta, right onto Roberta, left onto Rocky River Crossing, left onto Morehead, left onto 49, left onto Roberta, cross Roberta onto Physicians Blvd, left onto Professional Blvd, then right onto Main to get back to Mary.



1. As always, a pleasure being your Q today on a perfect conditions morning for a run. Full moon, 55 degrees, dry, life couldn’t be better.
2. 4.34 miles strong. 8:52 pace. Not bad for us all.
3. Great chatter went on. Learned we are soon to get Solo Cup on the Harriaburg tax books, UCB is just piling on the mileage weekly, and UCB is a fellow Central Cabarrus grad, who just today realized that he is significantly older than fellow alums Jackie Childs and Banjo Boy. to be a When running in the dark, do wear white.
4. Extra shout out as always to Dixie. our furry leashed friend makes the distance look so effortless.
5. Ran similar route today from a few months back, only going other direction. Was nice pretty much ending coming down 49, rather than beginning by going up.
6. “Most people never run far enough on heir first wind to realize they’ve got a second.” -William James

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  1. SoloCup

    Thanks @Casper. I am just outside the City limits, so I can still take advantage of all your outstanding tax payer provided amenities for free!

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