Mallard Creek Vern..(and more)

Many (20 something) of Meca’s finest made the best decision they will make today and started the weekend off with a Mallard Creek version of the “Vern”.

Warm Up.

Mosey to soccer parking lot.

20 x SSH

20 x Windmill

15 x Imperial Squat Walker

15 x Merkins

The Thang:

Starting at Parking lot run to Playground. Roughly 1/2 mile.

5 rounds of

10 x pull ups

20 x Merkins

25 x Squats

30 x LBC

Run the Parking lot loop. Roughly 300 Meters.

Plankarama while we wait for Conchito to finish last lap.

Mosey to Baseball Gazebo:

2 groups 1 min interval.

group 1 = Balls to the Wall

group 2 = Step ups.

Repeato with 20 Merkins and Carlolina Dry Docks in between.

Mosey to Soccer Field.

@Buckwheat leads us in an exercise he got from our Harrisburg brothers.

Merkin Head tap x 20.

Line up on goal.

GBS for half the field and Groucho walk the other half.

@ Chopper leads us in the Merkin inchworm. ( lots of mumble chatter about how this is not “that kind of mens group”)   I think we may have done 6…

Mosey to lower soccer field.

2 groups.

group 1 run the soccer field.

group 2 = 25 x low flutter in cadence.


Mosey to Mary

@Alcatraz = 15 x Plankjack

@EL Guapo = 20 x Low Dolly

@ Pony boy = 20 x The W

@ Dingo = 15 x Reverse Crunch

@ Major Pain = 30 (yes 30) x low flutter.


As always a pleasure to lead the fine men of Meca. The Saturday Beatdown is one of my favorite workouts of the week as it is a great way to start the weekend and have fellowship with all of Meca.

I will edit in the PAX list later today as the Q had to borrow @ Urlacher’s Iphone to record the names. We attempted to text said recording but as I am writing the backblast @ 9:57am is has yet to arrive on the Q’s phone. @Urlacher please resend to 442-222-9098.

BOM = Alcatraz. Thank you for taking us out brother.

Please keep our brothers who have lost family members and battling cancer this week in your prayers. Also keep the people in Nepal in your prayers.

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  1. Gordo

    @google – good heart pumping workout!

    @hammer and @chowder- running, doing the pulls ups, merkins, etc together helped me push it harder…

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