Hacking Wheezing, Barely Breathing

16 Faithful F3 Harrisburg men met this fine NC spring morning at The Ridge for little tour of the back of the Hickory Ridge Middle School. Of particular interest were the picnic tables behind the school where a good deal of mumble chatter was mixed in with some upper and lower body work.

Warmup (IC): SSH x15, IST x15, Windmill x10, Hand Release Merkin x15


  • Mosey to NE corner of lot for 8 count body builders x10
  • Indian Run to Middle School entry
  • Round the clock curb merkins (IC) x5 at 12, 3, 6, 9
  • Indian Run to back of Middle School
  • Leisurely picnic fun – StepUps (R & L =1), Dips, Bench Squat, Decline Merkin – start at 1 rep each and increase the reps by 1 up to 10 for the set
  • Mosey to front of Middle School
  • Quick parking lot quasi-ladder – sprint to curb, 5 step back lunges each leg, sprint back to starting cub for hand release burpees… climb from 2 by 2’s up to 8 (running short on time for the set of 10)
  • Indian Run to Ridge
  • Bear Crawl up Ridge and jailbreak to Mary


  • Leg wobble – 30 sec air squats, 30 sec pulse squats with mini jump, 30 sec squat hops… 2 forward/2 back
  • 5 count power abs – seated hold, butterfly R hold, butterfly L hold, reverse crunch hold, V hold… hold 5 seconds each… repeato and hold the last V for 15 seconds



  1. As always PAX, it is an honor to lead. Thanks for the opportunity!
  2. YHC loved the mumble chatter at the picnic tables… quiet back blast, cool kids, teacher breaks, smoke breaks (with or without the teachers), dirty bums… title of workout is inspired by mumble chatter reference to smoke breaks and this Bob and Tom song — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0tvhOVuh_o
  3. Strong work by all! It is never YHC’s intention to inflict pain, but YHC always wants to provide the PAX the opportunity for self infliction if you choose that road. There may have been some #RecycledMerlot along the way. Thanks to @Tumbler and @SoloCup and all for watching the #Six.
  4. Movies in the Park on Friday. Contact @BBQ for details on spreading the F3 word and recruiting more men into the group.
  5. Mint Hill expansion. Contact @Deuce for details. @SoloCup has the Monday Q down that way as the launch initiative continues. The Mint Hill parade is also on the calendar.










8 thoughts on “Hacking Wheezing, Barely Breathing

  1. Clueless Post author

    #TClaps @BigBird. @BigBird was right next to me and throwing it down. Same goes for the PAX. Great push!

    Way to work @Helga! I guess the recycling lets you know it’s working.

  2. Starsky

    Great Lead!! Can’t say I loved it but made it through. @ Casper my nap in the family room floor before work was great.

  3. Billy Goat

    Thanks for leading @Clueless. While I hate the hand release burpees and merkins, it brought back my mid-80’s break dancing worm as I wiggled to get back upright. Bring out the cardboard, boombox and Breakin’ baby…..for all you #hate’s, you’ll just have to be proud to reference Justin Bieber dance moves.

  4. Othello

    Great Q @Clueless! I love your Q’s because they get me to push further and further each time. Everyone today pushed hard – biggest takeaway….don’t start an Indian Run until everyone is lined up! An Indian Line of only 4 is pretty tiring.

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