The Murph

14 of Tradition’s finest showed up for #TheMurph. When YHC signed up to Q this, I thought it was S.W.A.T. Fortunately, @TheFarm reminded me last week that today was The Murph so I could prepare myself mentally. No H and R2D2 were not prepared mentally as they showed up for S.W.A.T. and were promptly informed of The Murph. Been there myself and almost was again today!

No disclaimer given as there were no FNG’s. Let’s roll out!

Mile run
100 Pull ups
200 Merkins
300 Air Squats
Mile run

No time for M.A.R.Y.


1) It’s good to see you back out, Raptor. Hope that back heels up!
2) @Skipper was in beast mode today with his weight vest. Impressive, brother!
3) Way to push yourselves men. Everyone was puttin in work.
4) I’ve never done Murph exercises in cadence. #Likedit
5) Thoughts and prayers out to Skipper and his family as they remember the loss of his father seven years ago.
6) Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Enjoyed it!
7) Mark your calendars for Sat. May 9th. Tradition/Highlands Pre-Summer Family Bash spearheaded by Prison Fruit. Please HC to either Prison Fruit, Forgotten Jelly, or myself ASAP. We are asking for up front donations of $20 per pax to cover costs of food and moon bounce rentals, etc. R2D2, you are confirmed and paid. Thank you!!

5 thoughts on “The Murph

  1. The Farm

    Great lead today Buckwheat! I also think I liked doing it in cadence. My first Murph was in cadence, but back then I was in no condition to keep up. #whatadifferenceninemonthshasmade

    Also, EH the Davis Lake men that you know. Launch is Saturday, May 30th at Davis Lake Clubhouse. 2nd F to follow!
    Follow @F3 Davis Lake for details

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice job by all today. I also liked doing it in cadence. I thought it was really cool that as people came in from the first mile, they just fell in with the rest of the PAX.

    Thanks for the 2ndF during the second mile @Urlacher. Helped a lot, both with the run and with the loss I’m dealing with. #brotherhood

  3. Skipper

    @Buckwheat – Thanks for taking Q duties. You are right, you can write down names! And write up a nice Moleskin too. #bonus

    @Raptor – great catching up with you during 2nd mile. #mindoffthemile

    @Dutch – thanks for pull-up assists and 2nd F after workout. #solid

    @Pax – I prefer doing #TheMurph in cadence, but that was first time I did it with entire group! #Lovedit #neededit

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