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Memorial Day Murph! Where Major Pain grunts and digs deep, but doesn’t count anything.

27* men came out today to be beat down by the Murph and honor those who have given their lives in service of our country. A little bit of pain and sweat is a good way to “earn” the grilled meats and other celebrations many will have on this day purchased for us by others. […]

Surprise Murph

YHC was surprised by the pax who showed up this morning–our regular crew presumably still in the home infirmary–and they were surprised by the workout on tap: The Murph. The Thang 1 Mile Run 100 Pull Ups 200 Merkins 300 Air Squats 1 Mile Run Moleskine Othello and Exit 54- It was nice to see […]

Everything Hurts Murph

A day late, but here it is: For one of us, everything hurt and was sore after a weekend of cub scout camping activities.  For the other one, the Murph was just a walk in the park. Warmup Slow Mosey to the starting line. Stretches OYO The Thang 1 mile run 100 Pull Ups 200 […]

The 2nd F Murph

Well, we didn’t break any records in our running of the Murph today, but we did engage in some thoughtful conversation throughout.  All that was missing was a couple tumblers of coffee or beer. Warmup Slow Mosey to the starting line. Stretches OYO The Thang 1 mile run 100 Pull Ups 200 Merkins 300 Air […]

August Murph

9 men rolled into Stallings Road Park for their monthly fitness check and to honor all those who have sacrificed for the nation. Quick explanation of The Murph for the two first-timers. Pledge of Allegiance, then off we went, with Old Glory out front. 1 mile run 100 Pull-ups 200 Mericans 300 Air Squats 1 […]

The Murph Back on Home Turf

Even though we really enjoyed joining other F3 MECA pax for the Memorial Day Murph convergence in Harrisburg last month, it was nice to be back on home turf at Hickory Grove Elementary.   4 pax faced the challenge in the gloom once more. The Thang 1 mile run: four laps around the parking lot. […]

March Murph Madness

5 of Harrisburg’s men came to test their abilities in the Murph. The weather was perfect for this months edition.  The workout goes as usual: The Thang: 1 mile out to Harrisburg Elementary playground 100 Pull-ups 200 Merkins 300 Squats 1 mile back to home base Mary: LBC x 20 (The Magnificent) Reverse Crunch x […]

The Murph Hot Shots! Part Deux

3 Hot Shots came out for the second time to run The Murph in F3 Boondocks.  Significant improvements were made by all! Warmup Mosey to start. SSH x 10 Windmill x10 Forward Fold stretch series x 2. The Thang 1 mile run 100 Pull Ups 200 Merkins 300 Air Squats 1 mile run Mary OYO […]

The Murph

14 of Tradition’s finest showed up for #TheMurph. When YHC signed up to Q this, I thought it was S.W.A.T. Fortunately, @TheFarm reminded me last week that today was The Murph so I could prepare myself mentally. No H and R2D2 were not prepared mentally as they showed up for S.W.A.T. and were promptly informed […]